John Lawrence received award

Monday, June 18 2012

John Lawrence, professor of business in operations management, received the Outstanding Faculty Award for Faculty Teaching in the Environmental Science Program 2011-12.

Lawrence has been with the university since 1993. During his tenure at the University of Idaho, he has taught a variety of undergraduate courses including the Business Capstone course as well as courses in the Executive MBA program. He also participated in the formation of the second Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC).

He has been involved in the Environmental Science Program about eight years. He was among the professors who helped developed the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, which admitted its first students in the fall 2010. Half of the first cohort graduated in December 2011 and the remaining students graduated summer 2012. He believes the role he has played in the entire program helped him earn the recognition.

“I’ve been very successful working with Professional Science students and EMBA students,” he said.

He believes his scientific background of having a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in engineering and an interest in the environment has helped him show students to see the value of business in environmental science in a context which they understand.

Lawrence’s research for the past decade has largely been in writing cases. That work helps him keep connected to real-world professions, and he is able to use the cases in discussion with students and show them practical application.

Lawrence also received the 2011 Teaching Excellence Award as well as EMBA Outstanding Faculty Awards from 2009-11.