Inland Marine Coverage Policy

Thursday, March 21 2013

Inland Marine coverage is for items that are valued under $2,000, are owned by the University or are contractually obligated to be insured by the University, and may be subject to theft or physical damage.

Inland Marine coverage is not automatic coverage. Departments must report annually all items to be covered. If a new item is purchased or an addition is needed during the year, a department may request an addition to its covered items at that time.

The annual renewal period for the inland marine insurance policy is rapidly approaching. In order to prepare, units can begin reviewing their inland marine coverage now. To remove or add an item to or from coverage, an Inland Marine Insurance Coverage Add/Change/Delete Form will need to be completed for each item.

The more that a unit reviews this information throughout the year, the easier the renewal period will be for the unit. Visit for the form and details on the coverage.