Information Technology Services Survey Winners Announced

Tuesday, May 13 2014

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the following people, from all respondents who completed the ITS survey, as the winners of $50 gift cards:
Marie Duncan - Employee; Office of Admissions and Campus Visits
Mary Malone - Student; Journalism
Andrew Dobak - Student; Marketing
Feedback ITS receives through the survey is very important. It guides their planning, staffing and spending for the coming year. Participation in this survey provides ITS with critical and vital information regarding the technology services UI students and employees depend on each day.
This year ITS randomly sampled 15 percent of all full-time students and employees over a two-week period. During this time, they received a 26-percent response rate from this group.

ITS will be publishing additional analysis and findings based on responses to this survey soon at
Thank you to all who responded to the request for participation in the Information Technology Services Survey this year!