Idaho Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Working Group, Sept. 8 and 9

Sunday, August 10 2014

On September 8th & 9th, the Idaho State UAS Working Group will be meeting in Moscow at the University of Idaho. We would like to extend the invitation to participate and explore opportunities to develop research collaborations.

Brief background:
The Idaho UAS working group was initiated by the Idaho Department of Commerce to facilitate research and development of UAS technology in Idaho. The group includes representatives from the State's universities, aerospace and related industries, the Idaho National Lab, and the Departments of Commerce and Labor. The spring statewide meeting was hosted jointly by the INL and Idaho State University in April, and it served as an opportunity for those institutions to showcase research and educational capabilities (a copy of the agenda for the April 2014 meeting is attached). The UAS working group requested to meet at the University of Idaho for their fall meeting to learn about opportunities for collaboration with our faculty and research groups. The September meeting is an opportunity to explore partnerships for research, development, and testing of UAS technologies and applications.

An (incomplete) list of potential linkages with the UI community:
• Development, evaluation, and testing of applications for UAS technology
o Agricultural resources - precision agricultural, mapping invasive species, monitoring vegetation responses to treatments
o Natural resources - mapping vegetation and other land surface features, monitoring wildland fires, assessing wildlife habitat
o Transportation and energy - infrastructure assessment, real-time traffic control
o Security and emergency response - reconnaissance and communications support
o Earth sciences - assessment of geomorphology, hydrology, landslide hazards, gravity anomalies
o Media and journalism - aerial photography and event monitoring/awareness
• Development of payloads and sensors - miniaturization, data processing, applications testing
• Computer and communications systems - data security, real-time response, integration between air and ground systems
• Artificial intelligence - ability of fleets of autonomous vehicles to communicate and respond to stimuli
• Public policy and social sciences - personal security issues, policy and regulation of UAS use in public spaces, public perceptions of UAS technology

Please consider if you or your students would:
1. Like to participate in the working group meeting on Sept. 8 & 9? Do you have graduate students who might like to attend the meeting (or some sessions of the meeting)?
2. Be interested in presenting your research to the group in either an oral or poster format?
3. Have a lab or research facility that might be appropriate for a short tour to showcase research capabilities?

Please respond by August 15th to: Janet Rachlow,