History Professor Adam Sowards to speak at Supreme Court Event Honoring William O. Douglas

Thursday, May 8 2014

Adam Sowards, a University of Idaho associate professor of history, will be speaking at a seminar honoring the late Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas on May 16 in the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C. The event marks the 75th anniversary of Douglas' appointment to the court and will be attended by his former colleagues and notable Douglas experts.

Sowards, who authored "The Environmental Justice: William O. Douglas and American Conservation," received the invitation to speak from Douglas’ widow, Cathy Douglas Stone. In his book, Sowards explores how Douglas’ youthful passion for the Pacific Northwest developed into a life-long advocacy for conservation and environmental protections.

“The Environmental Justice” is published by the Oregon State University Press and can be purchased at: http://osupress.oregonstate.edu/book/environmental-justice.