General Policy Report #57

Friday, November 22 2013

General Policy Report #57, dated November 22, 2013, is available for viewing, downloading, or printing at:

The Faculty Senate approved changes listed in this report (below) which will be considered to have the necessary general faculty approval unless a petition requesting further consideration of any item is signed by five faculty members and submitted to the Chair of Faculty Senate (Trish Hartzell) by Friday, December 13, 2013, see FSH 1540 C-3.

Regulation Changes:
• FS-14-007 (UCC-14-014): Regulation L
• FS-14-008 (UCC-14-021): Final Exam
• FS-14-013 (UCC-14-027): Regulation D-1
• FS-14-017 (UCC-14-033): Regulation J-3
Program Changes:
• FS-14-002 (UCC-14-005): Rename Foreign Language major and Women’s Studies minor
• FS-14-003 (UCC-14-006): Discontinue GR Certificate, Semiconductor Theory and Devices
• FS-14-004 (UCC-14-007): Discontinue GR Certificate, Water Resource Engineering
• FS-14-005 (UCC-14-008): Discontinue GR Certificate, Advanced Materials Design
• FS-14-015 (UCC-14-031): Bi-State Department of Statistical Science (name change)
• FS-14-019 (UCC-14-037): Discontinue MMBB – Seamless

Questions can be directed to Gail Z. Eckwright, Faculty Secretary by phone at 885-6151 or via email at or Trish Hartzell at