Friendship Families Needed

Wednesday, August 21 2013

The International Programs Office is looking for families to join the Friendship Families program, where they match international students with local families to give students and families the opportunity to build relationships and share cultures. You do not have to be a family to apply.

IPO is anticipating over 150 new international students arriving between now and Aug. 30 and is encouraging all of these students to request a Friendship Family. Friendship families meet or contact students at least once per month for a yearlong commitment, (unless students are here for a one-semester exchange program). You may choose to extend the commitment through the student’s length of study at the University of Idaho and may even end up with a lifetime family friend.

There will be a Friendship Family Welcome Potluck on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the University of Idaho Shattuck Arboretum (behind the tennis courts). If you need directions, email It is IPO's intent to have Friendship Families meet student matches at that event if you can attend. Bring a food item to share and label them with the name of the dish and main ingredients (especially meat dishes). IPO will provide index cards at the event for labeling as well. Main dishes, salads, appetizers, side dishes and desserts are all welcome and very much appreciated. IPO will be providing drinks and tableware.

If you know of any other families who may be interested in applying as a Friendship Family or learning more about our programs, invite them to attend the Friendship Family Welcome Potluck and send them to For more information, please contact