Dracula: The Untold Story

Friday, October 23 2009 at 7:30 PM

University of Idaho Theatre Arts Presents: Dracula: The Untold Story

This is a spoof by Mary Lynn Dobson of the iconic vampire tale. It is overflowing with easy-on-the-brain humor and wit, smart banter, and physical comedy. Gothic horror gone Gothic funny. This play won't suck.

The Seward Sanatorium, amidst the howling wolves, creeping mists, and blowing winds, houses the 20-year betrothal of sexy Lucy Seward and pedantic mama's boy Jonathan Harker. Lucy's reluctance to marry and commit is fueled higher as the swarthy Count D moves into the neighborhood. Mix in less-than-reverent views of Van Helsing, Renfeld, Dr. Seward, and Graves, and you have a cauldron of erudite, bungling British misfits waiting to boil over in comedy.

This play will be taking place at the University of Idaho Hartung Theatre, located near the Menard Law Building. For ticket prices and additional info, visit our Web site at www.uitheatre.com or call us at (208) 885-6465.