CSS Faculty Paper Presentation

Thursday, October 28 2010

Conservation Social Sciences faculty Sandra Pinel, Tamara Laninga and Steven Hollenhorst, along with other bioregional planning faculty, recently presented papers at the annual meeting of the American Collegiate Planners Association Oct. 6-10 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Pinel presented, “Regional Planning as Intergovernmental Mediation: An Insider Review of the Twin Cities’ Metropolitan Council Plan Implementation,” which was part of a large track of papers exploring governance and collaborative approaches to managing resources and infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions.

Steve Hollenhorst presented, “Planning Without Borders: An Emerging Approach to Interdisciplinary Planning Education,” co-authored by Pinel; Ryan Urie, bioregional planning and community masters candidate; Jerrold Long, associate professor of law; Manoj Shrestha, assistant professor of political science and public affairs; and Michael Lowry, assistant professor of civil engineering.

Laninga and colleagues Gary Austin, associate professor of landscape architecture; and Phil Watson, assistant professor of agricultural economics, presented, “That’s Nice, But How Much Will it Cost? Visual Preference and Economic Visibility.”

About 40 people from around North America attended the pedagogy session, which focused on alternative interdisciplinary methods for administering academic planning education programs. The university’s bioregional planning curriculum served a case study during the meeting.