College of Engineering Announces New Associate Dean for Research

Friday, September 28 2012

Dean Larry Stauffer is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Van Gerpen as the College of Engineering's new associate dean for research effective Oct. 1, 2012. Since coming to the University of Idaho in 2004,
Van Gerpen has served as department head of biological and agricultural engineering. Before coming to University of Idaho, he was a professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University for 20 years where he held positions such as director of graduate education, associate chair for research and budget and interim chair.

Van Gerpen is internationally known for his teaching and research on biofuels and internal combustion engine combustion and emissions. He has developed and taught new courses in these fields both for undergraduate and graduate students as well as workshops for industry and government agencies. Early in his career, Van Gerpen worked for John Deere on a design team that produced a 13.5 liter diesel engine that is still in production. His current research focuses on biodiesel production from low-cost and novel feedstocks. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Iowa State University and his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He is a licensed professional engineer in Idaho and Iowa.