CNR Fisheries Scientist Educates Public About Washington and Idaho Lakes and Watersheds

Monday, February 7 2011

Frank Wilhelm, associate professor of fisheries resources, and fisheries master’s student Tim Caldwell, presented “Mysids in the Lake Pend Oreille Food Web: History and Current Research,” at the10th Annual Regional Lakes Conference, held February 5 at the Spokane Community College.

The conference provided a forum for exchanging information and experiences of residents and lake associations in an effort to learn more about Washington and Idaho lakes and watersheds. More than one hundred and forty five audience members attended, including the general public, lake associations, lake managers, researchers and professionals.

“Our presentation was a general overview of historical activities and lake management strategies that resulted in the stocking of Mysis - a small freshwater shrimp wreaking havoc across the Pacific Northwest in lakes in which it was stocked,” said Wilhelm.” “We also highlighted some of Tim’s graduate research that is helping us understand the role of Mysis in Lake Pend Oreille. This research will help inform future management decisions to maintain Bull trout and recover the Kokanee fishery in Lake Pend Oreille.”