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Research & Engagement

The features and profiles in this section are a compilation of new and archived stories that showcase the students, faculty, staff, alumni, research, events and other promotional highlights of the University of Idaho.

Aberdeen Extension
President Nellis visits Aberdeen Extension
It’s been 18 years since a University of Idaho president visited the Aberdeen Research and Extension Center in Aberdeen, Idaho; but that has now changed.
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Student workin in lab
Researchers: 1, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: 0
University of Idaho Researchers Aim to Unlock Plasmid Transfer Secrets
In an effort to take the resistance out of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, University of Idaho researchers are getting down to the genetic level
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Larry Forney working with a student in his lab
V is For…The Word We're Afraid to Speak
Changing Women's Health at the Global Level
Increasing understanding about normal vaginal microbiota – or bacteria – so that physicians can better identify conditions that make women prone to infections and other diseases, and avoid the development of health problems.
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group photo of Wendy McClure and her students with local farmers
Constructing Global Outreach
Building on an Architecture Degree with Service
Architecture students head south to help out farmers in need.
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The Moscow Compost Project
A Cup of Coffee to Jumpstart Sustainability
Moscow Coffee Compost Project (MoCoPro)
Coffee grounds won't go to waste
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Mark Warner and Mary Kienholz
Do You Dig History?
University Students Analyze Sandpoint’s History
Little Things Tell a Lot About the Big Story
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Student Research
Counting Research Dollars: Let Apples Equal Apples
by Jack McIver, University of Idaho VP for Research
Opinion piece submitted to the Idaho Statesman
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Anechoic Chamber
Chamber of Secrets
Anechoic chamber helps research hi-tech antennas
» Read more about how Anechoic chamber helps research hi-tech antennas.
Ammonium perchlorate
Evolving a Solution
Life always finds a way. And apparently, so does simulated life.
» Read more about how U of I scientists are removing ammonium perchlorate from groundwater quickly and efficiently.
Trout research
Trout + Trout = Salmon?
Research in the Department of Biological Sciences
Joe Cloud, professor of biological sciences, is attempting to use rainbow trout as surrogate parents to increase the sockeye salmon population in Redfish Lake.
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College of Science blog
Blogs Away!
Scientists’ Research Explodes onto the Web
College of Science blog: www.uidahoblogs.com/science
Science Blog
Zaid Abdo
Building Core Power
Zaid Abdo, assistant professor of mathematics, statistics and bioinformatics
» 5,600 trials and counting
Basque Rendering in color
The Basque Project
Sustaining a Diverse Community
Collaboration to Enhance the Basque Block
» A College of Art and Architecture Project led by Sherry McKibben and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Laurel Branen
$1.1 Million Grant Funds Nutrition Experts' to Combat Childhood Obesity
Two University of Idaho faculty study the perceptions of parents and childcare providers
The grant will help parents and childcare operators better address issues of childhood obesity
» The need is clear... communication with parents
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