I AM Greta

I AM STUDYING TO IMPROVE LIVES THROUGH SCIENCE AND CARE. Yes, I am blonde, and I am a sorority girl who loves laughing with her Pi Phi sisters. But what you wouldn’t know by looking at me is that I also love chemistry and biology.

I am driven by the idea of helping people through medicine and personal attention. That’s why I’ll be graduating in Pre-Nursing at the University of Idaho in the spring. A career in nursing will give me the opportunity to improve lives; even save lives. My time here at Idaho has taught me what’s important in life—people. As a nurse, I will put into practice some of the life lessons I’m learning both in and out of the classroom. With amazing professors and a traditional residential campus where I am immersed in my education, those lessons are everywhere—like how to listen, and how to put myself in others’ shoes. I’m not only learning how to think like a nurse, I’m learning how to live with an open mind and an open heart.


What do you plan to do when you graduate?
I am excited to start working! My goals in life might be simple to some, but becoming a nurse is important to me because I will be able to help those in need. That’s what I strive to do. I’m also excited about getting my own house, even a dog!

How is the University of Idaho helping you to achieve your goals?
It’s almost silly to say, but there is something about being in a place so beautiful—being surrounded by nature and having the ability to be outdoors and breathe fresh air— it centers me from all the chaos of classes, tests and papers. When I’m feeling a little stressed out, it’s easy to calm down at the lake or on a hike. The teachers are also amazing because they are invested in my future—they care. I’m not a number here, I’m a name.

Do you have any comments about your program?
Like I said above, my professors and teachers care about me—they’re amazing. With them, I have opened myself up and learned to not be afraid of new challenges. Nursing can be a very intense career. I’m learning how to be the very best.