Amy Hernandez

I AM Amy Hernandez

I AM SEIZING EVERY OPPORTUNITY. While I am a quadruple major in Justice Studies, Sociology, Spanish and Women’s Studies, I am also a proud member the nation’s first Latina Sorority, Lambda Theta Alpha. I am pretty busy, but I love it. And that’s what I love about the University of Idaho. There are so many ways to get involved, and so many different things to do as student and as a global citizen. I have a lot of interests and passions, and I’m planning on putting them all together in a career after law school. As a kid from a small town in Idaho, the University has opened my eyes to a world of possibility. Now, I’m the one living my dream. 


What do you plan to do when you graduate?
More school! After I graduate, I’m planning on continuing into law school.

How is the University of Idaho helping you to achieve your goals?
Not only do I feel like my professors and the staff at the University of Idaho is amazing in their expertise, but I also feel like just being here has taught me to accept change and appreciate everything in life. I’m growing as a person and gaining the wisdom and courage to go anywhere in life—The University of Idaho has given me life-long friends, career opportunities and many, many amazing memories.

Do you have any comments about your program?
I am a very active student and I enjoy being involved in my program because of the various opportunities it’s given me—It’s a great place for academic excellence and I enjoy the liveliness of my department—how everyone is involved, friendly and working hard for their futures.