Dr. Gregory Moller

I AM Gregory Moller

I AM MAKING YOUR WATER CLEANER AND YOUR FOOD SAFER. With my colleagues at the University of Idaho, I developed a water-treatment technology that has been hailed as one of “25 innovations that changed the world.” More importantly, I strive to change the lives of the students who sit in my classroom and work beside me in the field and laboratory. We are not only studying environmental toxicology and chemistry, we are improving lives through our innovations in water quality and food safety. Our students are a vital part of our research activities, and our student grant program provides funding for student-led research and scholarly and creative pursuits.   As one of just five Northwest institutions recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for our “high/very high” research activity, the University of Idaho tackles serious problems facing our region, our state and our world. I AM DR. GREGORY MÖLLER. I AM THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO.


How has the University of Idaho helping you to achieve your goals?
My goals are my student’s goals. I want them to succeed and learn every step of the way. Working at the University of Idaho allows me to do some amazing things. We are improving the lives of our students as well as the lives of the communities around us through our research activities and the way we take on the problems facing our environment.

What sets the University of Idaho apart from other universities?
We are one of the five Northwest institutions recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for our excellence in research activity. We are a university that is immersed in helping our students make it to the top. It’s more than just studying in a classroom—it’s putting our academics to the test, on the field and in the world.