Dana Stover

I AM Dana Stover

I AM CHANGING LIVES THROUGH SCHOLARSHIP. For me, the University of Idaho is more than a pretty campus; it is my calling. As a professor of management and human resources, as well as the Assistant Dean for the College of Business and Economics, nothing makes me happier than helping students realize their full potential. When that happens—when learning turns into leading—the exponential impact that person will have on the world is incredible. That’s what an Idaho education is about. I see that kind of personal growth and discovery every day because our students, staff and faculty are immersed in an environment that has a legacy of changing the world for the better. I AM DANA STOVER. I AM THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO.


What do you love most about your career at Idaho?
There isn’t anything that makes me happier than helping students become amazing individuals and realize their greatest potential. My goals are my students and working with a University that cares and emphasizes the leadership and academic strengths and qualities in each of them, is very fulfilling. We turn learning in to leading here at the University of Idaho and we’re helping to change our community, region and world beyond.

What makes Idaho different from other Universities?
The University of Idaho is an excellent environment for living and learning. We’re a small residential campus without overcrowded classrooms. It’s a tight-knit community and the faculty and staff are great support system for our students. We have an outstanding academic legacy that continues to grow with our students potential.