Pete McDonald

I AM Pete McDonald

I AM LIVING MY FRIEND’S LEGACY. For a kid like me from Eden, Idaho, the University of Idaho was like a big city because of the diverse backgrounds and opinions. Living on campus in the Sigma Nu fraternity, I learned some of life’s greatest lessons from my friend and mentor, Jon Denny. He stood about 4’10” and faced numerous health challenges his entire life, but he always stayed positive. He taught me to work hard, play often, love those close to you, and respect everyone. Although Jon is no longer with us, he lives on as I honor his values every day. To me, he is a symbol of the University, our passionate alumni network, and the power of friendship. At Premier Insurance, we understand the importance of putting aside our self-interests – our egos – and working together to benefit our customers and communities. I think Jon would approve. My advice to future Vandals: live on campus and get involved with others, because you never know who will change your life. I AM PETE MCDONALD. I AM THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO.


How has the University of Idaho helped you achieve your goals?
I really learned to work with people and I met amazing and life-changing friends during my time at the University of Idaho.

How did living on campus change you?
When you are exposed to so many different people with different backgrounds, you are forced to hold up a mirror. Not only did I learn the importance of putting myself in someone else’s shoes, but I learned a lot about myself.

How do you remember your college days?
Looking back is always very positive for me. I not only received a great education in a picturesque environment, but I learned so much from the friends that I made along the way—especially Jon. It’s through companionship and education that I became the person I am today, and I thank the University of Idaho every step of the way. I am a proud alum. Go Vandals!