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A Healthy Balance

Ben Greenfield, aka the Get-Fit Guy, has built a reputation as a fitness and training expert through tireless research and writing, while still being home to watch his boys grow up.

By Josh Wright

greenfield family in front of houseBen Greenfield ’04 ’05 had barely settled into a taxi on one of the world’s most stunning islands, deep in southern Thailand, when he pulled out his laptop and started typing.

The fitness expert and his podcast co-host, Brock Skywalker Armstrong, were in Phuket for the Laguna Phuket Triathlon in December, an event Greenfield has competed in several times. But Greenfield is rarely working on just one thing. On the 10-minute cab ride from their hotel to a downtown shopping district, Greenfield opened a few files on his MacBook and picked up where he’d left off: He was writing an article for a magazine.

“Where I was just sitting in the cab looking at the Thai scenery go by the window,” Armstrong said, “he was researching and writing.”

Greenfield’s work ethic has helped propel him from a personal trainer and triathlete to a respected expert on exercise, triathlons and nutrition. He has hundreds of thousands of blog readers and podcast listeners each month. His two podcasts — the Get-Fit Guy and the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast — have been rated No. 1 in the fitness category on iTunes. He runs a thriving dot-com business, speaks internationally, writes for popular magazines and websites, and coaches and advises endurance athletes.

Oh, and he’s competed in four Ironman World Championships.

Yet Greenfield, owner of Pacific Elite Fitness, has found a way to manage all this while still making time for his family — a goal that also happens to be one focus of his triathlon training program for others who want to compete but don’t want it to take over their lives.

Greenfield's overarching mission is to help as many people as he can “rise above the status quo of what is accepted as ‘healthy.’ ” Along the way, he works to help his clients find the same balance among health, performance and life that he's struck.

The Lewiston native credits much of his success to his tenacious focus on his research and writing about fitness and nutrition — even if it’s in short bursts from a taxi in a tropical paradise.

He’s continually reading studies and researching in his effort to make exercise and nutrition science “palatable for the masses,” Greenfield said recently in an interview at Bucer’s, a favorite Moscow coffeehouse and pub owned and operated by his mother.

Underpinning this daily diet of new research is the education he received at the University of Idaho, where he earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the College of Education, specializing in sports science and exercise physiology. [Continue Reading...]