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PETE Program

College of Education
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS2401
Moscow, Idaho 83844
Phone: (208) 885-7921
Fax: (208) 885-5929
Email: movementsciences@uidaho.edu

Option 2 | Graduate Degree + Certification in Physical Education

This option is for those seeking a graduate degree and certification in physical education.  You will take coursework in advanced physical activity pedagogy and research. In addition, you will take coursework related to certification in physical education. This includes movement, physical activity and foundation courses, and after acceptance into teacher education, you will take pedagogy courses in physical education and education culminating in a semester long internship Students often take additional coursework (approx. 21 cr) to attain certification in health also.

The following provides a possible program of study (students often transfer previous coursework related to the movement, physical activity and foundation courses):

Certification Coursework Only
Movement, Skill and Foundation courses (min. 4 credit related to experience)
Skill analysis courses in 1 individual sport, 1 team sport, 1 dance activity and 1 outdoor activity
HPRD 201
Physical Activity, Wellness & Behavior Change
3 cr
PEP 360
Motor Development and Control
3 cr
PEP 380
Physical Activity Pedagogy Assessment & Research
3 cr
PEP 418 or 300
Ex. Physiology or Biomechanics
3 cr
H&S 288
First Aid or current certification
3 cr

Secondary Methods in Physical Activity
Graduate and Certification Coursework
PEP 412
 Pedagogy Courses in Physical Education
3 cr
PEP 421
Elementary Methods in Physical Activity
3 cr
PEP 424
Adapted Methods in Physical Activity
3 cr
PEP 440
Curriculum & Administration in Physical Activity Pedagogy
1 cr
H&S 523
Health Methods
3 cr
Education Courses
EDCI 301
Advanced Educational Psychology 3 cr
EDCI 453
Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Fluency & Assessment
1 cr
ED 510
Schools in Context
3 cr
EDCI 523
Reading in the Content Area
3 cr

Advanced Pedagogy Coursework
ED 571 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Research 3 cr

ED 574
Introduction to Qualitative Research
3 cr
PEP 544 Program Development in HPERD
3 cr

PEP 523 Assessment in Physical Activity
3 cr