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B.S.Ed. Physical Education Curriculum

The following list of resources includes a check sheet of required course work to achieve a B.S.Ed. degree in Physical Education and sample academic plans. Review these resources and use them to work with your advisor to develop your academic plan.

» B.S.Ed. Physical Education check sheet (.PDF)
Course work required to attain a B.S.Ed. degree in Physical Education.

» Standard 4-year plan (.PDF)
Standard curriculum for B.S. Physical Education degree

» 4-year plan + Health Minor (.PDF) 
Earn a B.S. Physical Education degree + health minor in 4 years

» 4.5-year plan + Health Minor (.PDF)
Earn a B.S. Physical Education degree + health minor in 4.5 years

Physical Education students may seek certification to teach additional subjects in K-12.  Visit the Teacher Education Program web site to find curriculum for these additional teaching majors and minors.


Required course work includes the university requirements, the Department of HPERD core, the Idaho Technology Competency Certification and the following course work:

Movement Courses
To be completed prior to pedagogy course sequence
Dan 105 Dance 1 credit
Dan 360 Children's Dance 1 credit
PEB 108 Water-Based Sports and Fitness Activities 1 credit
PEP 107 Movement Fundamentals 1 credit
Individual Skill Courses
To be completed prior to or concurrent with Pedagogy course sequence
PEP 132 Skill and Analysis of Tennis, Pickleball, Badminton 1 credit
PEP 133 Skill and Analysis of Golf, Softball and Archery 1 credit
PEP 134

Skill and Analysis of Track and Field

1 credit
Team Skill Courses
To be completed prior to or concurrent with Pedagogy course sequence
PEP 135 Skill and Analysis of Basketball and Volleyball 1 credit 
PEP 136 Skill and Analysis of Soccer and Speedball 1 credit 
PEP 243 Recreation Activities 2 credits
Rec 125 Outdoor Leisure Pursuits 2 credits
Foundation Courses
Biol 120 Human Anatomy 4 credits
Biol 121 Human Physiology 4 credits
H&S 288 First Aid: Emergency Response (or current Emergency Response and CPR certification at the time of graduation 2 credits
PEP 161 Introduction to Physical Education 1 credit 
PEP 300 Applied Human Anatomy and Biomechanics 2 credits
PEP 360 Motor Behavior 3 credits
PEP 380 Measurement and Evaluation 3 credits
PEP 418 Physiology of Exercise 3 credits
Pedagogy Courses
Note: Acceptance into the physical education pedagogy sequence requires completion with no grade lower than a “C” in movement and skill courses, at least 6 of the 14 credits of required skill courses, PEP 161, 300, 360, EDCI 201, 301, minimum 2.75 GPA, appropriate portfolio evidence, and advisor recommendation.
PEP 412 Elementary Physical Education Methods 3 credits
PEP 421 Secondary Physical Education Methods 3 credits
PEP 424 Physical Education for Special Populations 3 credits
PEP 440 Physical Education Curriculum and Administration 1 credit 
General College of Education Requirements
EDCI 201 Contexts of Education 2 credits
EDCI 301 Contexts of Education 3 credits
EDCI 401 Internship Seminar 1 credit 
EDCI 463 Literacy Methods for Content Learning 3 credits
PEP 484 Internship in Physical Education Teaching 14 credits
Psyc 101
Intro to Psychology 3 credits
Psyc 305 Developmental Psychology
Advanced Composition Requirement
Select one of the following for 3 credits 3 credits
Engl 207 Persuasive Writing
Engl 208 Personal and Exploratory Writing
Engl 209 Inquiry-Based Writing
Engl 313 Business Writing
Engl 317 Technical Writing

Note: For registration in upper-division courses in education, students must have been admitted to the teacher education program
and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75.