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Physical Education Program Alumni

Where are they now?
Chad Armitage Chad Armitage
Chad earned degrees in math and physical education. Chad is currently the athletic director, assistant football coach, and teaches 9th algebra/geometry at Sacajawea Junior High School in Lewiston, ID.

Kate Buehler Kate Buehler
Kate is teaching health and physical education at Sweethome High School in Sweethome, OR.

Cory Comstock Cory Comstock
Cory is teaching 7th grade health and outdoor sports at Lakes Middle School in CDA, ID. Also, coaches 8th grade basketball and track & field.

Shannon (Boydstun) Dana
Shannon is Director of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center in Annapolis, MD.

Lance Hamma
Lance earned degrees in education and physical education. Currently he is teaching 5th grade elementary education at McDonald Elementary School in Moscow. ID.

Monica Kraack Monica Kraack
Monica teaches health occupations and fitness at Centennial High School and is also the associate athletic trainer.

Shawn Larkin
Shawn is teaching his fourth year of physical education at Heritage Elementary School in Highland Ranch, CO.

Steve Lathan Steve Lathen
Steve teaches physical education at Continental Middle School in Green Valley, AZ. Steve stirred the pot as soon as he arrived in Green Valley, because he wanted to teach more “non-traditional” activities, such as golf. Consequently, a news article was written about his aspirations and received more than enough golf club donations to support his endeavor.

Isaac MacKenzie
Isaac earned degrees and math and physical education. He is the head wrestling coach at Fruitland High School, and is also teaches math.

Casey McLaughlin
Casey earned degrees in history and physical education. Currently, Casey is teaching strength & conditioning, and history at Sandpoint High School in Sand Point, ID.

Ryan Minney Ryan Minney
owns a business as a strength and conditioning coach in Chillicothe, OH. He works with the local high school teams with their physical conditioning programs as an independent coach, certified personal trainer, and serves other local folks as well.

Brooke Rey
Brooke is a physical educator and athletic trainer at Canyon Ridge High School, ID.

Kara Riordan
Kara teaches elementary physical education in Ely, NV.

Tim Rigsby
Tim is an instructor specialist at the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections; teaching biology, physical and environmental sciences.

Keri Syth
Keri is a physical educator at the Paul Banks Elementary School in Homer, Alaska. She started a “Wake up and Walk” program for kids to get their mind ready for learning before the first bell.

John Thill
John is teaching physical education at Potlatch Elementary School in Potlatch, ID.

 Brandon Crusat Brandon Crusat
MED in Physical Education. Brandon is a physical educator at Hansen High in Hansen, ID. and is also the boys and girls track coach.

KC Lee
MED in Physical Education. KC is an elementary physical education teacher and Art teacher at the Moscow Charter School in Moscow, ID.

  Michelle Liu
PhD in Sport Pedagogy. Michelle is an Assistant Professor in Physical Education at Averett University, VA.

  Kevin Roach
MED in Physical Education. Kevin is teaching physical education at Pinehurst Elementary in Pinehurst, ID. He is also District 1 representative for IAHPERD.

  Dana Perlman
PhD in Sport Pedagogy. Dana is an Assistant Professor in Physical Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

 Anna Steinbis Anna Steinbis
MED in Physical Education. Anna is teaching physical education at Sunny Ridge Elementary, ID. She is also District 3 representative for IAHPERD.