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B.S. Education Physical Education Curriculum

Physical Education Teacher Education Check sheet

Student Guide-Academic Overview

The course of study for a physical education degree, including the semester-long internship, takes an average of four and a half years to complete, but can be completed in four years by working with your advisor, taking summer coursework and planning your courses well. You have the option of pursuing a B.S. Ed. degree, with or without an additional teaching minor. Adding any teaching minor to your course of studies will strengthen your knowledge base, make you more well-rounded academically and create a higher demand for your skills in the competitive job market. Many students add a health teaching minor available within the department (see example degree plan on the left of the page).

Year One

During your first year in the program, you will work to satisfy the University of Idaho’s core educational requirements, be introduced to Physical Education and some of the Movement coursework such as Introduction to Physical Education and Movement Fundamentals.

Year Two

The second year you will begin to focus on individual and community physical activity, health enhancement, movement, skill and foundation courses . These courses are designed to provide an understanding of how movement affects human physiology and behavior. Upon completion of the first semester of the sophomore year students can apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. For your application you will need an initial interview with your academic advisor; cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or better; have completed, with a minimum of a C in the following courses: Engl 102, University of Idaho Core Mathematics Course, Comm 101, and EDCI 201 (including 20 hours of service-learning)’ letter of application; recommendations; completion of background check

Students seeking a minor should take classes in the summer after second year to stay on track with the added course work.

Year Three

In your third year will broaden your scope to include understanding leadership roles as they pertain to education. Following acceptance into the Teacher Education program you will begin pedagogy courses, exploring the principles of leadership, program planning and administrative functions of physical education teachers through a service learning project focusing on enhancing healthy active lifestyles within a school environment.

Year Four

This year focuses on physical activity pedagogy to develop your understanding of teaching methods, instructional style and curricular models. You will also complete your Praxis exam in Physical Education and apply for an internship to complete your program in the last semester. Find out more about the student teaching internships. During your internship you will apply for your degree and certification to teach K-12 in the state of Idaho.

*Those on a 4 1/2 year plan with a minor will complete their regular course work in year 4 and perform an internship during the following semester.