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Movement & Leisure Science, M.S.

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Future Leaders for Physical Activity Programming

Meet the demand for physical activity professionals through a program that examines physical activity, health and disease. Apply this knowledge through practical experiences, and research in the physical activity pedagogy laboratory.

Fast Facts

  • A small student-to-faculty ratio provides a unique opportunity for students to interact closely with faculty.
  • The university has a number of facilities that enhance physical activity education.
  • Exercise physiologist 
  • Cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation specialist 
  • Fitness specialist 
  • Personal trainer 
  • Fitness director 
  • Health fitness professional 
  • Community health coordinator 
  • Health educator 
  • Community fitness coordinator 
  • Group exercise coordinator 
  • Director of worksite or corporate wellness 
  • Athletic trainer 
  • Athletic coach 
  • Biomechanist 
  • Research and design specialist 
  • Strength and conditioning coach


Potential salaries are based
upon national averages.
Job Placement According to the Bureau of Labor, employment of health professionals is expected to grow by 37 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth will be driven by efforts to reduce healthcare costs by teaching people about healthy habits and behaviors.
Degree Prep Preference for admission is given to prospective students with educational backgrounds in health, physical education, recreation, exercise science and other related fields. A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is required.
Degree Roadmap

Students who graduate with a M.S. in Movement and Leisure Sciences will complete 30  required credits minimum toward the degree in addition to UI core requirements. Download a PDF of the requirements.

Students can emphasize in the following areas:

Scholarships Department of Movement Sciences offers scholarships for M.S. Movement and Leisure Sciences students.  Also visit the Financial Aid office for more available scholarships.
Get Involved
Get Involved
Hands-On Learning The Human Performance Laboratory enables the exercise science students the opportunity for hands-on-learning. 

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Equipped to conduct metabolic, cardiorespiratory, cardiac, and body composition research. The Exercise Physiology Lab has technologically advanced equipment for a wide array of performance and physiological testing.

Biomechanics Laboratory

Equipped to conduct biomechanical and motor control research. The laboratory houses force plate technology and infrared camera testing.

Practicum (PEP 495)

A practicum is a 1 credit experience in an exercise science and health setting. In the setting, or site, students will spend 40 hours observing and assisting with the day-to-day operations of the facility. Practicum experiences will help students gain a better understanding of career options, requirements for certain types of careers, and professional skills required for a career in exercise science and health.
During each practicum experience, students will apply knowledge and skills that they have learned throughout their program of study, as well as gain new knowledge and skills to become more marketable for graduate school and job opportunities.

Internship (PEP 498)

An internship is a 9 credit experience in an exercise science and health setting that is completed during the last semester before graduation. This capstone experience requires students to be fully immersed in the setting, or site, for 360 hours during one semester. The students will gain valuable experiences that allow them to apply their classroom knowledge and skills in a practical setting. In addition, students will be challenged to understand more about real-world application, develop communication and leadership skills, and grow as young professionals. The experience will help students to achieve career and/or educational goals.
A well-chosen site is an important investment in a student’s development as a young professional and path to a successful career.
For more information download the Practicum and Internship Manual.