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David Paul, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Office: PEB 105
Phone: (208) 885-5537
Email: dpaul@uidaho.edu

Chantal Vella, Ph.D

Assistant Professor & Director Exercise
Physiology Laboratory
Office: PEB 108
Phone: (208) 885-2189
Email: cvella@uidaho.edu

Opportunities for Students & Participants

student running on treadmillParticipants:

Participants are needed for the following research studies:
Women’s Health Study. Participants between the ages of 20-39 years may be eligible to participate. Volunteers will be asked to come to the lab on 3 occasions for testing. We will provide you with free information on your heart disease risk factors (e.g., cholesterol), body composition, fitness, and physical activity levels and participants will receive a gift card from TriState upon completion of the study. Please call (208) 885-2007 or e-mail exphys@uidaho.edu for more information.


There are various opportunities for involvement in the lab during the school year and summer. If you would like to set up practicum or observation hours in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory email Dr. Vella at cvella@uidaho.edu after you have talked with your advisor.

Graduate Students:

We have teaching assistant and research opportunities for graduate students earning an MS or PhD. Please visit the College of Graduate Studies and the College of Education Doctoral Programs for more information.