Shoulder therapy

Helpful tips for finding an internship and practicum site

  • Review the internship site binder in the Movement Science’s main office. Use the web to search for types of settings and job postings, and look through the Yellow Pages from the area you wish to conduct your placement in.
  • Choose your practicum sites wisely and always act professionally while you are there. If you are fabulous during your practicum your site may invite you to return for internship, or give you a strong recommendation for a different site.
  • Put a professional resume and cover letter together to present to each site. Add coursework, practicum knowledge, certifications, and skills. Contact the University of Idaho's Career Center on campus to help you. 
  • Start looking for sites early. Many summer internships will have a Dec/Jan deadline for applications. 
  • Talk to as many people as possible about potential sites - friends, family, neighbors, your local doctor, your high school coach, and people in your classes, meetings, and conferences. You never know who can help you get your foot in the door. 
  • Research each site before you approach them. Know what the site has to offer, who you should talk to, and develop thoughtful questions. 
  • Seek out a good supervisor. You are looking for someone with education, skills, experience, and relevant credentials in exercise science and health.
  • Develop internship goals and objectives and discuss them with potential supervisors how they can help you to reach those goals. 
  • Practice your interview skills. University Idaho's Career Center can help you with mock interviews.