Site & Supervisor | Mentor Responsibilities

Providing an experience-

we look for sites that provide an environment conducive to learning and professional growth in the areas of exercise science and health and related fields. The experience needs to be 360 hours within one academic semester. The experience should allow for responsibility that progresses over time and development of knowledge, skills, and professionalism. A commitment of a minimum of 30 hours a week is required of the site to ensure that the intern can complete the hours within one academic semester. Included in the experience should be some form of orientation to your site, clientele, and rules and expectations.
2 female interns at the SRC
Providing supervision and mentoring
- it is expected that the intern will be given both direct and indirect supervision (as appropriate for your site and the intern’s duties). Direct supervision is key for the student to be able to gain valuable feedback from trained professionals. Having several mentors is also encouraged. These may be people who are not the named supervisor but who work closely with the intern. Daily or weekly meetings are recommended to allow for feedback, and questions.

Goals and objectives- the students are to generate a list of goals and objectives of what is to be accomplished during their time at your site. Students are required to share this document with you and to obtain your feedback.

Evaluation- there is a midway and final evaluation form for each site to complete. Please complete the form and review your evaluation with the student. We look for you (and any of their mentors) to provide constructive feedback to help students develop their knowledge and skills, as well as to encourage professional growth. These evaluations must be returned via fax or email (pdf) to the U-Idaho supervisor so that a grade can be entered for the student.
Intern standing by her work
Project- students are required to complete a Project worth 20% of their grade. This can take the form of one large project (e.g., organizing, running and evaluating a health fair) or several smaller projects (e.g., creating handouts, reorganizing patient charts, researching a topic and presenting to staff, etc.). The Project idea, implementation, and product development is the responsibility of the student; however, as a site we encourage your input and direction.

University of Idaho Supervisor's|Course Instructor Responsibilities

all assignments will be submitted to the U-Idaho supervisor for a grade. A final grade will be submitted by the U-Idaho supervisor.

- feedback will be given to interns when each assignment is returned. In addition, any issues that arise should be discussed with the UI supervisor so that they can help resolve them.

Site Visit – with each intern we try to conduct a site visit. This allows us to meet you, tour your facility, and see what the student is doing. We conduct these visits in person where possible while other times this will be by phone or internet.