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Contact Information
Dance Program
College of Education
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS2401
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2401
Phone: (208) 885-7921
Fax:  (208) 885-5929
Email: movementsciences@uidaho.edu
boy and girl dancing with 3 band members playing in background


The Dance Program requires auditions for acceptance. Students will be evaluated by the dance faculty on the basis of previous training, alignment, maturity of movement, core support and potential. To prepare, you should receive ballet training with some classes in jazz and modern dance.

Dance minors do not need to audition unless they anticipate being placed at an advanced level in ballet, jazz, or modern dance, as these classes always require an audition.

With auditions, we can regulate the number of dance majors to ensure the quality instruction needed to train professionals in the field of dance. Prospective students can audition in person or via videotape. Students will be evaluated by the dance faculty on the basis of previous training, alignment, maturity of movement, core support, and potential. The faculty understand that students have a variety of backgrounds in dance. Students are encouraged to train in ballet with supplementary courses in jazz and modern dance to prepare for the program.

Learn more about the audition process and audition dates.  Please submit the audition form prior to the in person audition or submit with the videotape audition.  Auditions are held in Studio 110 of the Physical Education Building. Please refer to the audition form for further details.

Auditions must be scheduled in advance with the Dance Program Coordinator by mailing or faxing the audition form to the Dance Program Coordinator. If there are no students scheduled for an audition date, the audition will be cancelled. Students may submit a video or DVD instead of participating in an on-campus audition. Please refer to the Dance Audition Registration form for instructions on how to submit your electronic audition. Scholarship applications are due February 15 for the following academic year.

The dance faculty is available to meet with prospective students and families at any time, however, if you plan to major in dance, you should plan your campus visit to coincide with an audition date. Or, you may submit your audition by video/DVD at any time. Please feel free to contact the dance program if you have further questions about the audition process.