Student Code of Conduct

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[Faculty-Staff Handbook 2300]

The university disciplinary system is part of the educational process of students focusing on behavior within a community. Sanctions are imposed for violations to the Student Code of Conduct to teach students how to be better and more responsible members of a community. Sanctions also serve to protect the UI community. The student Code of Conduct is UI‟s manifestation of Section III, P-12, of the State Board of Education‟s Governing Policies and Procedures which states: Each institution will establish and publish a statement of student rights and a code of conduct. The code of student conduct must include procedures by which a student charged with violating the code receives reasonable notice of the charge and is given an opportunity to be heard and to present testimony in his or her defense. Such statements of rights and codes of conduct, and any subsequent amendments, are subject to review and approval by the chief executive officer. The original of this code was created during the 1969-1970 school year. It was amended, at the suggestion of an ad hoc Faculty Council committee in July 1992, July 1993, July 1998 (Article II), and July 2005 (Article II, Section 2). Unless otherwise noted, the text is as of July 1996. For further information, contact the Dean of Students (208-885-6757). [rev. 7-98, 7-05]