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Dean of Students

Dean of Students
phone: (208) 885-6757
fax: (208) 885-9494
Teaching and Learning Center
Room 232
875 Perimeter Drive
MS 2431
Moscow, ID 83844-2431

Dean Pitman and Two Studets in Cap and Gown at Graduation


Bruce Pitman, YOUR Dean of Students

Dean Pitman is dedicated to University of Idaho students.

Words of Wisdom From Dean Pitman:

You may have met Dean Pitman over the summer as he traveled around Idaho and the Northwest meeting with students and parents. He is committed to helping you prepare for a successful college experience. That includes  leaving your letterman jacket at home and arriving with a mind prepared to learn and experience new things.

It isn't surprising to hear Dean Pitman give his home phone number to parents as their students prepare to embark on a college journey.

When the holiday break buses load at 7:30 a.m. bound for Boise, Idaho Falls, and Portland Oregon, with stops at destinations in between those termini one of the people wearing a stocking cap, and gloves and carrying a clipboard checking off the names of students as they board the buses is Dean Pitman.

He's the one greeting students warmly wishing them a pleasant break while also reminding them not to wear out their welcome at home and come back in the spring ready to learn and work hard.

At commencement Dean Pitman completes the cycle that began years earlier when he welcomed students to the University of Idaho, he shakes hands and congratulates new graduates as they cross the stage and accept their diplomas. 

In times of crisis and tragedy Dean Pitman is one of the first to respond. While many of the programs in the Dean of Students Office are centered around helping students navigate and experience the possibilities that are part of university life, there are also programs designed to help students deal with tragedy, and loss. 

Being the Dean of Students at the University of Idaho, encompasses many areas including overseeing programs that are designed to increase student health and wellness as well as programs to help students learn from poor decisions and make better choices in the future.

Dean Pitman writes a regular newsletter to parents to keep them informed and to help them mentor their students. All responses to the newsletter go directly to Bruce Pitman and he responds to each one. There is an incredible level of care in the Dean of Students office.

The  Office of the Dean of Students is a resource that is always open to you when you have questions, comments or concerns. Call (208) 885-6757, email, or walk into the office. Let us help make your experience at the University of Idaho a rich and fulfilling one.