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Coalition of Diverse Voices

Mission Statement
Our mission is to foster a new community composed of multiple voices (including students, staff, faculty, and community members) to promote, advocate, and defend diversity and human rights, through grassroots, engaging, proactive, collaborative, inclusive, and caring actions.

  • New community - a new, large, ever changing, always growing body of committed persons. 
  • Diversity initiatives - diversity actions including academic, student support services, and administrative actions. 
  • Multiple voices - we want everyone to be heard, to be given a platform and a voice. 
  • Grassroots - we want to harness, encourage, and support social change and advocacy that emerges from everyday peoples' concerns, hopes, and actions. 
  • Engaging - we will engage in unusual and different practices to effectively speak and work with the different groups we will engage in. 
  • Proactive - we hope to help set milestones and ideas and to set and establish the diversity agenda at the University of Idaho through partnership and leadership. 
  • Collaborative practice - our goal is to work with one another as allies and partners. We want to share resources, support one another, and to communicate with one another. 
  • Inclusive - we want to exhibit actions and attitudes that welcome ad encourage everyone's involvement without exception. 
  • Caring actions - compassionate actions intended to support and promote the individual as well as the collective good.
To join this group or for more information, please contact Professor Rula Awwad-Rafferty, 208.885.6832 or rulaa@uidaho.edu; Professor Margaret Salazar, 208.885.7876 or msalazar@uidaho.edu; Cecilia Alcala, alca3691@uidaho.edu