Academic Year Program Assistantship

Costs: $5550

Expectations: 10 hours per week for fall and spring semester. Emphasis on work products will be placed in the spring semester, as the fall semester is largely spent training in education, leadership and ecology content. A typical flow of the year looks like...
  • August arrival and training
  • Fall semester coursework and on-site training. Assignments aligned with sponsorship project. While project work is possible, expect that some time will be spent just “getting up to speed” on foundational work in teaching and science content that will allow for students to have success with their projects.
  • One day per week is dedicated to project time and meetings with sponsor (suggested two times per month).
  • December/January training on winter curriculum and more specific project work.
  • Spring semester coursework. Course assignments are aligned with sponsorship project.
Work products may include curriculum, program design, outreach events and publications.

What this means for your project:
  • Dedicated graduate students for Education & Outreach that are immersed in the MOSS environment.
  • Team members with skills in curriculum development and communication who are capable of getting up to speed on your science in order to support your outreach efforts.