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Become a Program Partner

To learn more about these opportunities, please email Dr. Karla Eitel the MOSS Director of Education.
  • Hire a MOSS Graduate Student
    MOSS graduate students are enrolled in a 3-semester MS program. The first two semesters take place at the UI-McCall Field Campus, where students teach K-12 students one week, then take graduate courses the next week. The third semester usually takes place the following Fall in a more traditional setting at the UI-Moscow campus. MOSS graduate students develop a comprehensive project as part of their degree program, and are available for partnering during their MOSS academic year, during the summer, and/or during their final semester.Graduate Student

    MOSS Academic Year Program Assistantship

    Summer Assitantship and/or Fall Assistantship

    Expectations of the Faculty Sponsor:

    To secure your sponsorship, we will need:
    • a position description 
    • a budget number for payment
    The position description should include a brief statement of the general goals of your project and the scope of work expected of the student. It should also name a person that the student will report to.

    We will help you to identify students in the incoming MOSS class that will be a good fit for your project. Selection of students will be through a mutual selection process where students will apply for their top three choices of projects and sponsors will select from the students that have applied for the position(s).

    Once you have been matched with a student or students, we will work with you and the sponsored student(s) to develop a work plan that meets your needs and is feasible with their schedule and commitments as part of the MOSS program. Included in this plan should be defined outputs, a timeline for completion, and time set aside for regular check-ins with the student (at least twice per month is recommended) and plans for evaluation of progress.
  • Sponsor a MOSS Teacher Workshop
    The McCall Outdoor Science School has a network of teachers looking for hands-on, engaging, professional development experiences. With our help, you can get your science into the hands of engaged, creative teachers who likely teach around 150 students each. The impact factor is quite significant when you work with teachers.

    We can help you to design, deliver and perform assessments for the workshop. We can also help you to advertise and recruit for your workshop. It is also helpful to offer University Credit for courses and we can help to set this up for you.Teacher Workshop McCall Idaho


    Sponsored workshops will typically cover the cost of room and board for the participants and will offer a stipend. If you would like MOSS help in designing and delivering the workshop, we ask that you cover faculty, staff and/or graduate student time for the workshop plus some planning time on the front end and data analysis time on the back end if you choose to use us for assessment.

    Food and Lodging costs: Plan for a total of around $50 per participant per day (see attached Excel worksheet for help in determining total costs).

    Stipends: varies

    Classroom rental: $100 per day

    For example, if you design a four-day workshop for 15 participants offering a $500 stipend, the cost would be:

    Food and Lodging: 15 x $50 x 4 days = $3000
    Stipends: 15 x $500 = $7500
    Classroom: $100 x 4 = $400
    TOTAL: $10,900

    Expectations of the Sponsor: We will work collaboratively with you to define the workshop goals, recruit participants and deliver content. We expect that you will drive the content and facilitate the majority of the teaching unless you specifically request that we take over these responsibilities. We will prepare the workshop spaces and take care of logistics of meals and lodging.

    Deliverables from MOSS: TBD in consultation with you. Examples of deliverables include fliers for advertising your workshop, demographic data for participants, pre and post workshop assessment, write-ups of lesson plans, and collaborative work on publications about the workshop.
  • Sponsor a K12 Student Scholarship
    This is a low-effort, high impact way to support MOSS and K-12 STEM education! You may choose to provide full or partial scholarships to a certain number of students, or you may simply choose to underwrite the cost of programs so that we can keep our costs to students low.

    These are the current program prices for your School-Year Residential Programs for K-12 students (as of August 1, 2013).

    Five Day Program
    • Regular Rate: $198/student
    • Reduced Lunch Rate: $186/student
    • Free Lunch Rate: $173/studentChildren Learning at Payett Lake
    • 7:1 Ratio Teacher/Chaperone Rate: Free!*
    • Teacher/Chaperone Rate beyond the 7:1 Ratio: $122

    Four Day Program
    • Regular Rate: $188/student
    • Reduced Lunch Rate: $174/student
    • Free Lunch Rate: $161/student
    • 7:1 Ratio Teacher/Chaperone Rate: Free!*
    • Teacher/Chaperone Rate beyond the 7:1 Ratio: $103.50

    Summer Programs
    • WOWS (Women Outdoors w/Science) 7th - 9th grade girls = $332 for a 5-day program
    • WOWS 10th - 12th grade girls = $457 for a 10-day program
    • GIS (Get Into Science) 7th - 12th grade mixed gender.