Program Goals

Program Goals:

  • Create a unique professional development opportunity for MOSS graduate students where they can interact with visiting scientists and professionals while learn about cutting edge research happening at universities and agencies.
  • Get MOSS graduate students thinking about their graduate projects and the possibilities of engaging in various research projects, completing a thesis track program and publishing their work. MOSS graduate students are often highly motivated and this is a good recruiting opportunity.
  • Integrate current scientific research with the various education programs happening at MOSS.
  • Raise awareness among visiting faculty/researchers of the research opportunities in the greater McCall area and of MOSS as a potential station out of which to base research.
  • Create an avenue for visiting faculty/researchers to recruit MOSS graduate students into their research projects.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for K12 students and teachers to interact face-to-face with scientists, as they themselves are engaging in the scientific process at MOSS.
  • Provide a unique, informal learning opportunity for the local community where they can interact with university researchers in a comfortable setting.