Idaho Power "Powering Lives" Grant
MOSS is proud winner of a 2014 "Powering Lives" grant from Idaho Power!
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W.K. Kellogg Outreach Scholarship Award
MOSS is proud to have been selected for a 2013 W.K. Kellogg Outreach Scholarship Award and finalist for the C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award
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MOSS is selected as a Grand Prize Winner of the Albertson Foundation ID21 Award.
MOSS is proud to have been selected a 2012 Grand Prize Winner in Idaho for Challenging Traditional Education with Creativity and Innovation
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Are you ready!?
Get ready for your awesome MOSS adventure!
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Enrollment Paperwork
A short film for teachers explaining our website resources and how to enroll.
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What to Bring to MOSS
Demonstration of what students should bring to MOSS and what the bunkhouse and bathrooms look like.
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Can kids really be scientists? Yes they can!
An inspiring TED talk supporting the MOSS approach to science education
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Dr. R. Justin Hougham
Dr. R. Justin Hougham describes why STEM education is so vital to the success of our future generations.
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River Walk
Here is a look at a MOSS outreach program along the Boise River, Boise ID.
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Get Outside!
See how MOSS, Ponderosa State Park, the City of McCall and McCall Memorial Hospital are partnering to promote healthy and active lifestyles.
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Snow Science at MOSS
Even though the commentator calls us the "Moscow" Outdoor Science School, this is still a good illustration of snow science at the "McCall" Outdoor Science School!
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