field studies McCall Idaho Ponderosa State Park

Travel and Logistics

Transportation to and from the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus is the responsibility of each school. We have seen it done three ways: 

  1. The school sends a bus and leaves it there for the week with the driver (the driver then participates as an adult chaperone in the program).
  2. The school sends a bus, which returns to the school district for the week, and then sends it back at the end of the program to pick the group up.
  3. The school/teacher coordinates a carpool with parents/chaperones driving students in personal minivans, etc.

It is also the responsibility of each school to recruit and bring an appropriate number of adult chaperones. The number of chaperones you need to bring depends on the number of students attending the program. Generally, schools should count on bringing one adult per seven students. This number might increase or decrease depending on individual circumstances. High school students are not an acceptable substitute for adult chaperones. McCall Outdoor Science School staff cannot serve as extra chaperones for your group. 

Call Sacha Jackson, Campus Operations & Registration Manager, at (208) 310-7083 or e-mail to register your class today!

Typically, a program begins at 1p and ends at 10a. Check your confirmation letter for more information.

Download a map and directions to MOSS. See you soon!