Teachers and chaperones teaching in McCall Idaho

Teachers and Chaperones

Your Role at MOSS...

MOSS could not happen without you! We look forward to having you as a part of the MOSS team. The program offers many exciting activities, new experiences, and fun times. As a chaperone you have a demanding, yet vital job. Without your participation, these students may not be able to have this experience. We hope that you find it as rewarding as we do! MOSS graduate students are responsible for instruction. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for student supervision and well-being at all times.  Upon your arrival, program staff will meet with you to review this information. Please bring any questions, concerns or suggestions along. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Please click on the links below for more detailed information about your upcoming adventure at MOSS. If you have questions about your role, tips for future chaperones or other comments please contact Jenny Schon at (208) 310-7082 or at jschon@uidaho.edu.

Role of Teachers
Role of Chaperones
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Tips For Chaperones

  1. You will be accompanying an instructional group in the field. The MOSS graduate students will be responsible for instruction and primary student control.  However, you may be called on to assist in monitoring small group activities and large group management. Often, chaperones bring up the rear of the group on the trail to be sure no one gets left behind.
  2. A philosophy at MOSS is to always use positive encouragement.  We appreciate your help in supporting this philosophy.
  3. Games and fun group activites during cabin time are encouraged.  Past chaperones have found cards helpful and story books, especially for winding them down at night. 
  4. The chaperone on the other half of the cabin is your ally.  If you need to step out and shower before the students are up, open the center door and they can watch both halves of the cabin during this time.
  5. Electronics are strongly discouraged in the field, except for learning related technology provided by MOSS.  Field instructors and chaperones are encouraged to carry cell phones on for emergency purposes.
  6. Electronics can encourage homesickness.  If you need to check in at home or work please step away from the group.