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Previous Issues

Volume 5, December 2013
Co-editors: Liz Kane and Jim Martinez

Articles in this Volume:

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Chad (Magdalen Hand)
Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Mexico City and Buenos Aires (Linette Moseley)
Family Planning in Southeast Asia (Erin Heuring)
North Korean Refugees in the People's Republic of China (Carly Lauffer)
Slum Development & Economic Growth in Latin America (Hilary Bowen)
In Search of a Final Solution to Nuclear Waste Policy in Germany (Gregory Dobak)
Hungary's Right Wing Extremism and the European Union (Clair Stevenson)
Migration and Border Security Cooperation between Russia and its Southern Neighbors (Connor DeVries)
Migration in Danger: Saving the Red Knot rufa (Patrick Flanigan)
Strengthening Environmental Protection in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes (Nicole Henderson)

Volume 4, December 2012

Co-editors: Erin Heuring, Bryanna Larrea, and Mary Sloniker

Articles in this Volume

Artistry and Judge Misconduct in Artistic Olympic Sports (Kayla Whiting)
Strategic Development vs. Neocolonialism: Exploring China-Africa Relations (Sarah Grigg)
Securing Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of States: A Legal Framework of Accountability (Angelene Little)
Biopiracy: IPR Solutions for Developing Nations and their Indigenous Groups (Andrea Scanlan)
Cultural Heritage and European Policy (A. Tayler Marshall)
Communication, Integration, and Identification: An Effective Language Policy for the European Union (Emily Brookhart)
The Ambiguity of Cyber Warfare: Regulating Cyber War for the 21st Century (Stephen Weeks)
Improving US – Russian Intercountry Adoption and Cooperation: Ensuring the Wellbeing of Orphans across Borders (Elizabeth Rose Hardman)

Volume 3, December 2011 
Co-editors: Emily Brookhart and Samuel Schmoker

Articles in this Volume

Slicing the Seabed: Arctic Sovereignty Disputes (Kelsey Neal)
Malaria Eradication Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cari Dighton)
Counterfeiting and Piracy in Latin America (Austin Becker)
European Economic Reform: Crisis Driven Change (Nick Timchalk)
Providing Effective Tuberculosis Care for Vulnerable Populations in Eastern Europe (Austin Warren)
Repatriation of Cultural Property and Its Continued Protection: Policy Options for Latin American and Caribbean States (Kirsten Ward)
Flags of Convenience: Improving the Implementation of Maritime Policy (Bonnie Magnuson)
Interview with Captain Ulrich Reineke, NATO

Volume 2, December 2010
Co-editors: Connor Arbiter and Bonnie Magnuson

Articles in this Volume

Sport for Development and Peace (Chad Mann)
The Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Complex (Nick Castle)
Seeking Asylum in Europe (Josh Hickey)
Child Trafficking through Latin America (Elisa Briesmeister)
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in the Baltic States (Alexis Olson)
Global Infectious Disease and U.S. National Security (Lynn McAlister)
Interview with Ambassador Keith Haskell 

Volume 1, December 2009
Co-editors: Alexis Olson and Chad Mann

Articles in this Volume

Population Growth and Islam: Family Planning in the Middle East and North Africa (Kimberly Castelin)
Save the Remittances: Remittances and the Global Economic Crisis (Anna Brown)
Alternatives to Aerial Fumigation Policy Along the Colombian-Ecuadorian Border
(Sarah Hulse-Reyes)
The Legal Status of the U.S. Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Adam Sanchez)
Africa’s Language Situation: A Space for New Ethnic Constructs? (Nastasha Everheart)
Perpetuating Dominance or Promoting Self-Sufficiency? A Comparative Analysis of the Commonwealth of Nations and L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (Ashley Borup)