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Auditorium Chamber
Music Series

875 Perimeter Dr. MS 4015
Moscow, ID 83844-4015

Phone: (208) 885-7557

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Thank You to our 2014 - 2015 Donors

Concert Sponsor
Bill Voxman and Joanne Reece 
Ron and Jo Ellen Force

Ellen Thiem
Mark Hume and Mary DuPree

Gail DeSantis
Sid and Renee Eder
William Sischo and Dale Moore
Ruth and Dean Funabiki 
Richard Naskali
Pat Hine and Jim Reece
Bill and Debbie McLaughlin
Mary Jo and Joel Hamilton
Patty and Al Gemberling

Janice and Willy Brandal
Becky and Bruce Miller
Richard and Barbara Wells
Richard and Sally Fredericks
Bill and Ginny Royalty
Gretchen Wissner and Jim Miller
Walt and Betty Kochan
Torrey and Sara Lawrence
Sheila Kilcoyne and Glen Scoles
Kurt and Charlene Olsson
Helen and Monte Boisen
Mark and Barbara Nielsen
Duane and Janet DeTemple
Kathleen and Jon Warren
Louise Davison
Sanford Eigenbrode and Sara Pepper
Leonard Garrison and Shannon Scott
Mac Cantrell and Janice Boughton

Jean’ne Shreeve
Kenton Bird and Gerri Sayler
Alice May Spitzer
Jenny and Michael Kostroff
Jack and Jan Keller
Michael and Claire Murphy
Larry Hufford
Mary Carloye
Pearl (Billie) Gemberling
Elizabeth and Graham Stevens
Dana and Rich Wekerle
Ann Taylor
Paul and Alice Schroeder
Barbara Meldrum*
Kent and Wendy Nelson
Jeanne Stevenson
Steven Remington and Kathleen Larson 
Craig Trygstad and Lynne Coleman
James Wallis and Nancy Luebbert

Diane and Guy Worthey
Lois Samuelson
Janet Campbell
Liz Sullivan
Carol Padgham Albrecht
Martha Mullen
Peter and Janet Meserve
Francis Norton
Joe and Carol Cloud
Phil and Charlotte Mohan
Patricia Rathmann
Kevin and Sandy Cooper
Melissa Rockwood Roger McVey and Giselle Hillyer
Meg Kelly and Frances Sweeney
Lucille and Stanton Linden
Vern and Vanessa Sielert
Nancy Holmes
Lois Bellis
Leonard Kirschner and Frances Petrella
Tim Kohler and Marilyn Von Seggern

*In honor of Ronald Meldrum