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Healthy 'bytes' From Your Phone | Aug. 31, 2011

Instant nutrition gratification…that’s what you get with a touch of a button on your smart phone.  These new phones provide immediate access to a smorgasbord of health and wellness information, so no more excuses about not having access to health information.

In the world of telecommunication, we have improved immensely since 1973, when the first portable cell phone was introduced in the United States.  Today’s top three selling cell phones, the iPhone, Blackberry and Android provide some of the best downloadable nutrition applications.

Two of the top iPhone nutrition applications:

Calorie Tracker:
  • Provides information on more than 525,000 food items, including restaurant products
  • Includes basic nutrition information to help guide healthier eating habits
  • Allows you to set your own weight goals and follow progress by tracking meals and eating habits

Restaurant Nation:
  • Large database of more than 50 restaurant locations
  • Basic nutrition information on menu items to help guide healthier choices
  • Possible to track multiple individuals restaurant eating habits
  • Not an overall calorie tracker, but does provide beneficial information for you and your family when dining out

Two of the top Blackberry health and wellness applications:

Diet Fitness Diary:
  • Track daily caloric intake
  • Record physical activity
  • Customize a wellness plan to track health history and provide a guide to healthy living

Diet Science:
  • Provides a deeper understanding of the food you eat by offering basic nutrition information, calculators and food pyramids
  • Multiple diet and menu plans available ranging from the DASH diet for hypertension to vegetarian diets
  • Also includes appropriate child portion sizes and trackers for children

Two of the top Android market nutrition applications:

Ultimate Weight Watchers Diary:
  • Intended for individuals participating in Weight Watchers, but not limited to those individuals
  • Application for barcode scanning of products for easy entry into daily food diaries
  • Large food database to help record daily intake
  • Point tracker and portion size calculator

Calorie Counter Pro; MyNetDiary:

  • Similar to iPhone Calorie Tracker
  • Online web access for food entry, search and backup
  • Barcode scanner for easy food entry
  • Provides information on up to 45 nutrients
  • Daily analysis and progress charts to track eating habits
  • Calculates target weight goals and weight maintenance plans

Nutritional information, guidance and tips are only a touch away to help guide you, family and friends to healthier lifestyles.  For further information regarding these applications or any additional applications please visit the following sites: