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Faring Well with Fair Food | Aug. 24, 2011

The fair is almost here and with it food temptations lurk around every corner.  It may seem impossible to find healthy foods at the fair, but if you look hard enough the fair offers some delicious and somewhat healthy options.


Most fair food is fried and consequently horrible for your heart, ladened with fat and sodium, not to mention calories.  But who doesn’t want a corn dog at the fair?  The secret to eating healthy is to go for something that you really want, like that corn dog, but then make other healthier choices.  In other words, don’t overindulge by chasing the corn dog down with a few beers, fried onion and funnel cake.


Rather than making substitution suggestions, here is a list of the calorie content of fair foods (from CalorieKing™) and you be the judge.  Think about what you have been waiting to consume all year long and what you can live without?  All you cavemen out there, please note the turkey leg!


  • Chili cheese dogs (500 calories)
  • Regular corn dog (250 calories)
  • Funnel cake (760 calories)
  • Frozen Lemonade (760 calories)
  • Snow Cone (270 calories)
  • Turkey Leg (1135 calories)
  • Philly Cheesesteak (630 calories)
  • Gyro (680 calories)
  • Cotton Candy large (625 calories) or small (171 calories)
  • Chili fries (700 calories)
  • Sweet Potato fries (750 calories)
  • Candied Apple (330 calories)
  • Chocolate Coated Frozen Banana (240 calories)
  • Nachos (860 calories)
  • Dipin’ Dots (170 calories)
  • Kettle Corn (600 calories)
  • Popcorn (900 calories)
  • Fried Twinkie(420 calories)
  • Fried Snickers (444 calories)
  • Fried Onion Blossom (1329 calories)
  • Onion Rings (3 rings, 309 calories)
  • Soft Pretzel (340 calories)
  • Fried Oreo (98 calories)
  • Foot Long Hot Dog (470 calories)
  • Corn on the Cob without butter (180 calories)
  • 6-inch Pickle (30 calories)
  • Chili (280 calories)
  • Curly Fries (620 calories)


Remember to share your food with friends – cut up candied apples are one of my favorites.  And on a personal note, fried food and fair rides…a bad combination!  Wait a while after eating before heading to the rides.