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Smart Snack Ideas for Soccer Moms | April 29, 2009

Saturday morning and it’s soccer mom panic time! You’ve got three games to shuttle kids to. Your check list includes shin guards, uniforms, shoes, and you just remembered you’re Snack Mom as well today!! No time to bake anything healthy . Looks like you’ll have to grab some stacks on the way to the games. Remember, you are a role model in helping your children distinguish between healthy and unhealthy snacks. Soccer is a super energy-intensive sport. Snacks help players recharge, so here are some healthful ideas:
The most important snack at halftime is fluid. Keep a case of bottled water in your car just in case your children or their team mates forget their water bottles!! Halftime should be used to replenish fluids lost during the game. Most coaches prefer that players have just fruit and water. That way, players get charged up without getting overly full. Here are some popular hydrating fruits that can be eaten fast:
  • Orange wedges
  • Grapes Easy-peel Clementine’s
  • Cantaloupe, watermelon or honeydew melon chunks

Post Game
Again, fluids are the most important post game snack. Water, milk (including chocolate) and sport drinks are great for recovery. After the game, stock up on high carbohydrate foods. Try some of these ideas:
  • String cheese or yogurt, (gogurt --yogurt in a tube, is great because it can be frozen)
  • Cut up fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen juice bars
  • Bagels (preferably whole-grain)
  • Pretzels
  • Rice cakes
  • Low-fat granola bars
  • Whole-wheat mini-bagels with cream cheese and jelly
  • Whole-grain graham crackers
  • Whole-grain muffins
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Trail mix made from whole-grain cereal, nuts, raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips
It’s not always easy to think of healthy, easy to distribute, affordable snacks. So, stock up, and keep a box of low fat granola bars in the car just in case you find out at the game that it was your day to bring snacks!!