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Student Arts Fee Grants

2015 Grant Application


Statement of Purpose
The University of Idaho recognizes the importance of the arts on campus and within the local community.  Arts grants are provided to defray costs related to originating, producing, and presenting creative projects.  Funds may also be used to defray costs associated with educational opportunities in the arts.  Available funds are limited, and past awards have averaged $6500.  Students, faculty members, and academic units are all eligible for arts grants.

Application Instructions
The application consists of a cover sheet, project narrative, budget, and facilities approval form. Please complete the cover page, sign and date. Please attach answers to the project narrative questions as a Word document or PDF. You must use the budget form included in this application, although you are welcome to add supplementary materials. To ensure consistency of evaluation, please use the format provided. Incomplete applications or applications that do not use the correct format will be returned without review. For questions regarding the application, please email

Submission Deadline
Completed applications are due no later than 5:00 PM on April 24, 2015 
Please email your completed application packet to

Final Report Requirement
Successful applicants agree to provide a final report to the Provost’s Office by May 1, 2016. The last page of this application lists full requirements. Please be aware that if your project is selected for funding, a website-ready digital photo of your project will be required with your final report. These photos will be used for future advertisement of available grant funds.

Artist Selection
If a professional or guest artist(s) is paid using Art Fee Grant funding, applicants must indicate in the project narrative what criteria were used/will be used to select the artist(s).

Facilities Approval
If your project involves the installation of a temporary or permanent artwork at the University of Idaho, you need to obtain approval from facilities prior to submitting this application. Approval may be obtained by completing the Art Project Authorization Form. Please attach this completed form to your Art Fee Grant Application.

Evaluation Criteria
Applications will be scored according to eight criteria, each carrying a maximum of three points:

  • Completeness and feasibility 
  • Innovation 
  • Educational potential 
  • Direct student participation 
  • Indirect student participation (as spectators or audience) 
  • Overall student participation (numbers) 
  • Direct community participation 
  • Indirect community participation