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Photographs and Illustration Guidelines

Photographs/Illustrations of the University of Idaho

A license agreement IS required and royalties ARE due if:

  • The picture or illustration is used as a graphic decoration on a commercial product.
  • The packaging or advertisement for the product that contains or carries a photograph or illustration is presented in a manner that implies affiliation or association with Idaho.
  • Idaho's Trademarks (including the name "University of Idaho") appear on any packaging or promotional materials and/or announcements that promote the merchandising of the product.

A license agreement is NOT required and NO royalties are due if:

  • The photograph or illustration is being purchased for non-commercial (in-home) use.
  • The photograph or illustration is to be used in a commercial establishment as decoration, but only in a manner that would not imply an affiliation, endorsement, or association with Idaho.
  • The photograph or illustration is being used by a recognized news-gathering service for publication or broadcast.
  • The photograph or illustration is being used in a historical context by a recognized news agency, publisher, or other service.
  • The photograph or illustration is used in an entertainment or artistic context, such as commercial movies or TV shows. The Trademark & Licensing office must receive written requests for approval.