Trademark and Licensing

The Trademark & Licensing office serves the University by promoting and protecting its name, marks, colors, brands, and all identifiable properties. The University of Idaho has licensing agreements with over 230 companies, and is one of the fastest growing licensing programs according to the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). The revenues brought into the department help support scholarships and athletic programs.

The purpose of the Licensing Program is to ensure appropriate use of the trademarks of the University both on campus and off campus. These apply to all instances of use of University of Idaho’s name and trademarks. The Trademark & Licensing department also manages and oversees the licensing of images and audio-visual content relating to the University, as well as music licensing including the Fight Song.

The University of Idaho Office of Trademark and Licensing supports the University of Idaho community by promoting the brand, protecting the marks, and managing the licensing of University branded products. This is achieved primarily by:

  • Protecting the UI name and ensuring that its use is compatible with the University's overall brand.
  • Assuring that all products or services that bear University trademarks are of high quality and are used only in connection with products and services with which the University has chosen to be identified;
  • Preventing misleading or inaccurate representations of relationships to other entities or activities, and preventing others from taking advantage of the goodwill the University has developed and which is symbolized by its trademarks; and
  • Assuring that the products and services bearing Idaho's trademarks protect the integrity and reputation of the institution, maintain and build upon the goodwill of the institution, and promote support for and increase awareness of the institution, its mission and goals.