President's Circle

Alumni, friends, corporations, foundations and organizations with annual gifts and/or pledges of $2,500 or more in fiscal year 2013. University of Idaho faculty, staff and retirees with annual gifts and/or pledges of $1,300 or more in fiscal year 2013(names in italic).


Suzanne E. Aaron and Mickey E. Gunter
Henry P. Adams '74
John Bradley '76 and Suzanne Adams
Jeffrey Carl '86 and Patricia '86 Agenbroad
Howard E. Jr. '68 and Sally J. Ahlskog
Katherine G. Aiken '73 and Joseph M. Schwartz
Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Jose Luis '76 and Susan G. Aldecoa
Richard W. '73 and Sharon L. HON '04 '73 Allen
Wade Neil '94 '08 and Alice J. W. '86 '03 Allen
Daniel L. '72 and Anne V. '73 Alsaker
Donald H. and Trudy J. Anderson
Elinor Joyce '71 '78 and Wayne D. † '53 '58 Anderson
James W. '55 and Kay '60 '70 Anderson
Jimmy Anderson
David Michael '84 '86 and Cecelia M. Angell
James W. '58 and Mary Ann Asaph
Clen P. '66 and Emma L. '68 Atchley
Sue Atwood '50
Jeffrey Joseph and Candi Marie Bailey
Pete J. '85 and Debra Phillips '76 '86 Bailey
Craig R. and Kaye Baird
Lynn Norris '80 '10 and Dennis W. Baird
Dwight E. '71 and Ali T. Baker
Warren R. '63 '68 '81 and Linda Wray '66 Bakes
Ronald F. '74 '75 '79 and Barbara J. '74 Baldus
Audrey Karen Barr '76
David Jeffery '85 and Bobbi Jean '86 Barry
Elbert M. '63 and Elna M. Barton
Thomas P., III '78 '81 and Nancy A. '83 '83 '91 Baskin
Bud G. Beatty
Michael E. and Linda K. Bell
Earl H. '74 and Carol A. '72 '74 '76 '94 Bennett
Eric D. Bennett '97 '99
Frank R. and Delores R. Bennett
Richard G. Bennett, III
Richard Guy, Sr. and Aliede Bennett
Dwane B. '71 '72 and Connie L. '70 Benson
Adele and Curtis † HON '77 Berklund
Benjamin Robert '82 and Lorie Ann '82 '82 Berriochoa
James A. Bevis '74
Walter H. '65 '68 and Sherry B. '65 Bithell
Caroline M. '98 and Thomas E. Bitterwolf
Clara R. Bleak '46
Gleyn E. Bledsoe, Jr. '73
Benny G. '65 and Mary Anne '67 Blick
Michael Aaron '94 and Janel Marie '96 '96 Bloom
Milton I. '51 and Maxine H. Blume
Monte B. and Helen R. Boisen
Mark Wilson '75 and Heather L. '00 Bowlby
Virginia S Boyle
Rhonda Brammer '75
Ron M. '91 and Christine R. Branch
James L. '69 and Dorene M. Branson
Kevin Joseph Brocke
Keith Witter Bromley '90 '91 and Corinne Mantle-Bromley '86 '90
Bruce L. '68 and C. Sue '69 Brown
Dan Gregory '96 and Toni Sue '01 '01 '10 Broyles
Daniel J. '78 and Gael Marilyn Bukvich
Richard C. and Barbara Bull
Janice M. and Thomas Lee † '87 Bundy
Robert L. '68 and Maria Bunting
Kenneth Ray '92 and Anne Patrice '85 '87 Burgess
Karen Trujillo '09 and Donald L., Jr. Burnett
Robert J. '72 and Diana Carman Bush
David Mark '88 '88 and Heidi E. Butler
Raymond Louis Buvel '75 '86
Gail A. Byers '76 '76
Nancy Johnston '69 and George G. Byers
Dennie L. Byram '58
Ben George '03 '05 and Amy Dianne '03 Calabretta
Melanie Ann Call '83 and E. William Karbon, Jr.
Gaylon and Judith H. Campbell
Kersten Aileen '93 and Colin Sanford Campbell
Tamsin Campbell
Katharine Caples Kimball '72 and Dan Kimball
Michael V. and Kimberly K. Carpenter
Douglas John '82 and Deidre O. Chadderdon
Lennard H. '58 '62 and Claire Maeyung '65 Chin
Joey D. Chrastil and Jean Ingebritsen
Charles Morgan Christopher '84
Paul T. Clark '70
John L. Clayton
Robert E. '57 and Patricia Marie '62 '68 Clyde
Robert B. '62 and Kathryn A. Cochrane
Dennis J. '64 '68 and Susan J. '67 Conley
Christopher Scott Cooney '13
Gary L. Cooper '72 '75
Linda J. Copple Trout '73 '77
Edward Ray '01 and Mandi '10 Coulter
Dana Curtis MC, USN '80 and Lynn S. Covey
David Blevins '82 and Julie McGee '80 Cowan
Robert G. '57 and Janice Hale '57 Cowan
Charles W. '70 and Virginia C. Cowden
Samuel Toevs '06 '09 and Christine M. Creason
Theodore O., Jr. '70 '73 and Marsha C. '73 Creason
Dan '88 and Karen M. '93 Crossley
Raymond and Jill A. Dacey
Richard J. '73 and Barbara K. '73 Dahl
Gordon H. Dailey '43
James Christopher '82 and Candy W. '82 Dale
John W. Dale '74
Steven Brent Daley-Laursen '80 '85 and Dianne K. Daley Laursen
Darrell J. '59 and Rosemary L. '62 '82 Daubert
P. Michael '73 and Linda S. '75 Davidson
Anthony S. Davis
Dennis M. Davis '73 '77 and Kathryn Marie Canfield-Davis '87
Jackson Earnest '88 and Mindy J. '93 Davis
Shawn K. Davis
William S. '73 and Sharon L. Davis
David G. '71 and Deborah K. Decker
Louis Dersch
Wayne '53 and Kay DeWitt
Hugh C. '68 and Barbara Jayne '69 Diener
M. Francine Dingel '60
Robert D. Dixon '70 '71
Winifred P. Dixon '65
David E. '79 '82 and Susan Dokken
Linda Leuthold Donerkiel
Dennis Keith and Peggy Downer
Carl F. '68 and Kirby A. '68 Dyess
Dixie Louise '75 and Allen Dale Dykman
Marlene A. Easton
Chadwick M. '71 and Audrey A. Eberhard
Sharon Dorothy and Terry Edelblute
Roy Lewis '74 '78 and Miren Eguzkine Eiguren
William G. '75 and Deborah Ann '75 Eisinger
Frances Tovey '83 and Roy J. Ellsworth
John Ford '78 and Jean M. '78 Elsaesser
Hatim Ibrahim El-Sayed
Aicha Elshabini
Andrew Paul '97 and Daniella Francisca Emerson
Mark Alan '84 and Laurie Engberg
James M. '66 '73 and Gail D. '66 English
David Jacob '77 and Melanie Jane '76 Entzminger
Nicholas Charles and Jennifer L. '03 '03 Epler
Gary Erickson and Harriet Louise Shaklee
Matthew James '80 and Lori Susan '81 Espe
Terry K. '94 and Michelle Marie '89 '93 Evans
Paul Stephen '76 and Virginia Farkas
Donald J. '70 '73 and Geridee Farley
Robert E. '66 '69 and Annette D. Farnam
Richard D. '63 and Patricia L. Farnsworth
Willard R. Faulkner † '40
Wray W., Jr. '63 and Barbara Ware '10 Featherstone
John B. HON '83 and Delores L. Fery
Michael Nicholas '88 and Patricia Ann '87 '87 Fery
Sandra Lee '81 '81 and J. Brent Fery
Edward A. '70 and Barbara Fiez
Bud R. '54 and Margaret A. '54 Fisher
Douglas James '77 '94 and Joy S. '81 '81 Fisher
John O. '61 '65 and June H. '60 Fitzgerald
Delbert W. '59 '62 and Illa J. Fitzsimmons
Mark J. and Debra K. Flitton
Howard R. '69 '71 and Tere Lynn Foley
Ronald W. and Jo Ellen Force
James A. '85 and Chandra Zenner '88 '95 Ford
Maynard A. and Margaret W. Fosberg
Gloria I. Franklin
Marilyn J. '62 and Carter M. French
Daniel Douglas '79 and Leah L. '79 Frye
Dean and Ruth Patterson Funabiki
Brian and Mary J. Furgason
Robert R '56 '58 and Gloria Lucile '81 Furgason
Steven Scott Furgason '88
Eleanor R. Gardner
Gary L. '70 and Lori Allgaier '03 Garnand
Tod Dallas '95 '98 and Anna Geidl
Archie A. and Mary W. George
Kathryn Paxton George
Richard L. and Sherry Dee George
Larry D. Germer
Fred M. '73 '76 and Debra J. Gibler
David F. Giese
William G., Jr. '97 and Melissa A. Gilbert
Paul S. Giles '56
Fred R. Gleave †
Neil Andrew '92 and Stephanie Ann Goeckner
David D. '69 '72 and Anne Moree '69 Goss
Jeanne C. Goss '64
Kimbal L. '81 '84 and Karen Elaine '81 '84 Gowland
Bradley Alan '91 and Kristin Ann '91 Granger
Harold Eugene Granlund † '48
James Kenneth '80 and Kathryn Grant
Ronald N. '68 and Diane Plastino '74 '74 Graves
Robert C. '70 and Celeste Greeley
C. Scott '85 and Gabriella M. Green
Lonny and Diana L. Gregg
Robert Marvin '51 and Dolores A. Griffith
Michael Owen '83 and Jane Ann '81 '81 Groff
Charles Douglas '75 and Judith Ann † '75 Gross
Robert Lavar '78 and Rebecca V. Grover
Jay Gruenfeld
Alan Lee Gummersall '80
Steven Keith '04 and Traci Lyn Hacker
Randy G. '72 '75 and Kim Haddock
Robert J. Haggerty '97
Jess L. '74 and Kathleen Hall
Richard E. '66 and Tonya A. '68 Hall
John E. and Peggy J. Hammel
Amy Hammer
Robert Ray '82 and Lizann Hammond
Lionel Hampton † HON '87
Gail E. Hanninen '66 '89
Lyle J. and Kelee Hansen
Maxine N. Hanson
Laura M. '70 and Patrick Harbert
Lucille M. Pederson Hardgrove '41
Robert C. '64 and Alison M. Harrell
Donald Roy, II '75 and Sue Laura Harris
Eileen P. '72 and Norbert Hartmann
Ralph M. '54 and Mary Lynn Hartwell
Diann L. Haslett † '62
Eric Hatzenbiler
Douglas V., Sr. '66 and Lodi Zilda '67 Hawkins
Edward W. '74 and Rebecca Anne '82 Hawkins
Jack William '85 '85 and Julie Ann '84 Hawkins
James V. '59 HON '96 and Gail R. '59 Hawkins
Robert G. '66 '69 and Nancy Kathryn Haynes
Wally and Jerrie S. Hedrick
Timothy R. Helmke '95 '95
Clinton J. '55 '72 and Joann H. '71 '73 Henderson
Thomas M. '58 and Alice E. Hennessey
John P. Hermann
Jim C. '63 '66 and Tommye Herndon
Walter Arthur Hesford and Elinor L. Michel
Herbert L. Hess
John L. '72 and Debra B. '74 Hetherington
Wendell A. '55 and Avonne Higgins
Daniel Frederick '80 '80 and Kathleen Mary '81 Hilken
Brian K. '65 and Gayle K. Hill
Elmer R. and Nancy C. Hingston
Melva Hoffman †
Sara Margaret '75 and John P., Jr. Holup
Charles A. '74 and Marci S. '74 Homer
Dennis T. '73 and Sharon L. Hopwood
Mark Elison and Turi Kristi Liv Hoversten
Marilyn Lenore Howard '60 '65
Michael Clegg Hubbard '96
Brian James '00 and Andrea Huettig
Larry G. and Nancy K. Huettig
Carl W. and Martha K. Hunt
Michael T. '73 '76 and Carol M. Hunter
David Leroy '83 and Julie Ann Huotari
Dan G. '75 '76 and Ann H. Hutchinson
Fred '77 '81 and Sharon '83 Hutchison
Michael Earl '79 and Laura Huter
Joy D. Irving '64
Kathleen D. Irwin Rowley '63 '87
Doyle W. Jacklin HON '03
J. Robert '50 '82 and Bonnie J. † Jackson
Richard T '63 '65 and Bonnie L. '83 Jacobsen
Susan Teresa '77 '77 '84 and E. Dee Jameson
Mike W. '75 and Cheryl R. Jasberg
Kimberly Erin Jasper '12
Joseph Peter '75 and Diana C. '77 Johns
Cindy G. Johnson
Gary H. '58 and Patti A. '57 Johnson
James B. Johnson
Joel David '82 and Lorene Fay '84 Johnson
Jon L. and Mary J. Johnson
Karl W. '74 and Kristin Johnson
Steven C. '71 and Claudia R. Johnson
Coy D. and Janice J. Johnston
Gary L. and Katrina Laree Johnston
Myron E. Johnston, Jr. '52
Erika Ellen Johnston-Keith '88 and Geoffrey L. Keith
Dennis Ray '67 '73 and Kerry G. Jones
J. Thomas '72 and Cindy G. '72 Jones
John W. Jones, Jr. '50
Kenneth M. '69 '76 and Jan Jones
Peggy Jo Jones '75
Rory Rolland '79 '82 and Lisa Jane '79 '83 Jones
Paul and Jana Joyce
Richard A. '64 '65 and Jill Hamilton '64 Jurvelin
Dale E. Kalbfleisch '64
Bill J. Kearns '81
Brent '82 '96 and Susanne L. Keeth
William Halsey '77 and Celeste B. '78 Keller
Raymond Leroy '83 and Constance L. '84 Kent
William E. Kerby
S. Kay Keskinen
David C. Kiblen
John Michael Kirtland '78
Karl W. Klages '52 and Sheila Janssen-Klages '53
Keith E. '70 and Martha A. '70 Klaveano
Ryan Henry '94 and Kara Leigh '94 Klaveano
Flip '58 and JoElla Kleffner
Douglas N. '59 and Caryl L. Klein
Karl Christian Klokke '75
Martha P. Klontz †
Dietmar '66 and Pauline Kluth
Edward T. Knecht and Dorotha J. Barratt-Knecht †
Lawrence L. '56 and Kaye A. '55 Knight
Katherine Koelsch Kriken '62 and John Lund Kriken
Roger A. and Jean A. Korus
Richard A. '59 and Patricia J. '59 Koster
Bruce and Suzie Kovner
Peggy B. Kroll '70
Carol Ann '60 and Jerry Lange
Robert J. Lannan, Jr. '63
Reed W. Larsen '85
Ronald J. '71 and Katherine M. Lauer
G. Karl and Karen Lynn Launchbaugh
Arthur W. '62 and Freda E. Lee
Galen Vaughn '88 and Cindy Lee
Robert H. '61 and Judy A. Lee
Ralph L., Jr. '54 '72 '77 and Beverly E. Lehman
Bryant W., Sr. '58 and Peggy M. Lemon
Steven C. Leuthold
David S. '74 and Julie L. '75 Levine
Brad '90 and Jennifer Lee '90 Lewis
Elma Lightfoot Newgen
Earl Burton Lillevig † '58
Shawna B. '89 and Brent B. Lindquist
Patricia Lindquist-Hulett
Lawrence M. Lineberger † '38
Bradley Jay '77 and Teresa Soulen '77 Little
Lida C. Little '54
Richard Norman Loeppky † '59
Robert R. Lowry '48
Christopher M. and Makiia A. Lucier
Earl G., Jr. and Judy A. Lunceford
Craig '93 and Janet Carol '91 Lunt
David Michael and Christina Mary Lynch
Maurice B. '51 '76 and Alice J. '51 '77 Lynch
Preston L. '66 and Jody K. '64 Mabe
J. Frederick '69 '72 and Mona Lynn '83 Mack
Phil G. and Joann L. Mack
John A. '69 and Carol Jean '70 '91 MacPhee
William J. Maeck '60
Estate of Eugene Magleby †
Robert Alan '75 and Barbara G. Magonigle
Robert D. and Vera Mai
Anthony Mancilla, III '91
C. Edward '71 and Carolyn L. '71 Manion
Diane K. Manweiler '56
L. Scott '12 and Maribeth E. Marboe
John R. Marks, Jr. '73 '90
Clinton J. '97 and Kimberley Dawn '97 Marshall
Kenneth B. and Dorene D. Marshall
Joseph Kenneth '90 and Jill Teresa '90 Martinez
Torrance A., Sr. and Kimberly J. McAlvain
Edward J. '64 '72 and Connie L. '64 McBride
Louise M. McClure '50 HON '11
Lynne D. McCreight
Paul McDaniel and Juanita J. Lichthardt
Terry Robert '76 and Nancy C. '73 McDaniel
Robert E. McDole '68 '69
Gregory S. '71 and Debbie McDonald
Patrick L. '87 and Jennifer McEntee
Eugene A. and Alyce J. McHale
Douglas Ira '05 and Brenda K. '07 McIntosh
Ryan Andrew '98 '98 and Mary Anne McLaughlin
J. Patrick '70 and Lisa F. McMurray
Michael E. '60 '63 and Kathryn M. McNichols
Mark Mease and Terri Knoke
Dayaldas T. Meshri '68
Laine R. '72 and Claudia F. Meyer
Gary G. '62 HON '03 and Meryle Kay Michael
Walter C. and Dora H. Mih
James Craig Miller '77 and Diane K. Parkes
Michele and Gertrude Millet
Ronald Earl '80 and Rhonda Corinne '82 Millick
Randy S. '92 '93 and Kimberle Dawn Million
John and Doreen Mills
Zimri E. '50 and Maizie M. '47 Mills
Leland L. '71 '73 and Mary Margaret '75 Mink
V. Kay Misterek
Christine Marie Moffitt
Don L. '55 and Deanna Monson
Richard T., Jr. '63 and Jody Mooney
Timothy Joseph '80 '81 and Hollie Mooney
Christopher Joseph '75 '89 and Pam S. Moore
Edward Louis, II '90 and Traci L. Moore
Angela Rose Morgan '01 '97
Bernice M. Morin †
Howard L. and Rhonda K. Morris
William J., Jr. '68 and Constance A. Morrow
Anne Marie Moscrip
Patsy Goff '61 and John O. Mosman
John P. '67 '73 '89 and Martha G. '67 Mundt
Joyce H. Munson '42
Christopher D. and Kelly H. Murray
Michael R. Myers '88 '89
Richard Del '65 and Donna Naccarato
Robert W. Nahas
Richard J. Naskali
Duane and Ruthie Nellis
Theron David '60 '62 and Darlene A. Nelsen
Dale James '84 and Ann Cecelia '82 Nelson
David Andrew '83 '85 and Nancy Louise '84 Nelson
Kent Edward '80 '84 and Wendy E. Nelson
M. Neal Newhouse '61
Thomas Arthur Newlon '77
Glenn Wade '67 '69 and Beckie Ann Nichols
Mona M. Noble '55
Bryan Scott '79 and Susan L. Norby
Mark Brendan Nordquist '82
W. Christian '73 and Judith A. '72 Oakley
Patricia L. Odberg '54
A. Craig '74 and Catherine '74 Olson
Douglas C., Sr. '61 and Lile J. Olson
Ronald C. '58 and Barbara J. Olson
Arthur F. '68 and Esther Oppenheimer
Douglas Oppenheimer '74
Kris J. Ormseth
Gerald '06 '71 and Judith R. '73 Orthel
Sandra Marie Owen '84
John G. '01 and Donna Paffendorf
Dean Fields '95 '96 and Micki Lee Panttaja
Jim D. '77 and Julie J. Pappas
Richard H. Paris † '39
David John '88 '88 and Kirsten Margaret '93 Parker
John B. '55 and Shirley A. '59 Parker
Lyle H. '63 and Sharon K. Parks
William A. '54 '57 and Beverly A. '54 Parsons
Howard S. and Jan C. Peavy
Shan B. Perry '93
Julius E. Peterson '62
Martin L. '68 and Barbara Ann '73 Peterson
Vaughn Green Peterson '44
Joey Dawn Peutz '92 '95 '96
William W. '68 '75 '80 and Dawn S. '68 Pfeiffer
James Frederick '84 and Marianne Esther '85 Phalin
Peggy L. '74 '77 and Thomas W. Phillips
Wayne C. Phipps
Dean H. '69 and Linda Lee '69 Pierce
Tim Earl '85 and Cathi D. Pierson
Kenneth W. '68 and Patricia '64 '68 Pober
David A. '70 and Mary Alice '69 Poe
Fredrick Robert '83 and Cherie B. Pond
Charles L. '64 and Saundra L. Poole
David D. '63 and Sally N. '61 Powers
Kurt Scott and Maria Ittner Pregitzer
Leonard N. Purdy HON '78
J. Karen Pyrah † '67
Kurt Queller and Ellen E. Kittell
Diane Raeburn
Janet Orr Randall '65 and Bruce MacEvoy
Kenneth L. '68 and Jane L. Reagan
Dennis E. Reece '73 '75 '77
Joanne R. Reece '81 and William L. Voxman
Earl William and Carrie Reed
James E. Reid and Jeanne B. Leffingwell
Richard G. '81 '81 and Karen Sue Reilly
Steven D Remington
Malcolm M. Renfrew † '32 '34 HON '76
Ronald and Susan Renzini
Thomas L. '59 and Teita Reveley
Mario G. and Alice N. Reyes
Ron C. '69 and Barbara Reynolds
Kelly Scott and Laura L. Rhinehart
Richard C. '57 and E. LaRae Rhoads
Stephen C. '75 and Julie Roberts Rice
Michael Thomas '91 and Danae L. Richards
H. Craig Richardson '75
J. Bruce Riddle '67
Duane W., Jr. '68 and Phyllis Y. Rimel
Nancy Jean Riordan '76
Michael D. Roach '75
Dean A. Robbins
Anita E. Robinson '68 '70 and G. Chris Kutteruf
James A. '70 and Shelly Diane Robson
Kristine Ann Roby '94 and Rodney P. Frey
J. Richard '54 '66 and Dolores J. '54 '68 Rogers
Diana Marie Rolig '74
Ben R. and Anna M. Rolphe
John A. '59 '64 and Karen R. '64 Rosholt
Richard H., Jr. '68 and Elaine G. Ross
Phyllis L. Rossi '64
Editha W. Rowell '52
John Norman '79 '79 and Yvonna S. Rowett
Brian Lee '84 and Debbie Royster
Joseph N. '52 '52 and Susan Rumble
Kirk '42 '57 and ImoGene '55 Rush
James E. '56 and Virginia K. Russell
Robie G. Russell '73 '78
James Anthony '78 and Janice Rae Sabala
Kenneth G. Sahl '74
Jeffrey W. Sanders
August H. Schade
Donald Bruce '78 and Ann K. Schaechtel
Janet Lee Schaumburg '77
Rick A. '77 and Linda Gae '73 Schellenger
Jennifer May '00 '03 and Thomas Michael Schindele
Chuck Raymond '80 '80 and Jenny D. Schmoeger
Wayne '72 and Joann W. Schneider
Robert E. '57 '63 and Carol A. '66 Schreiber
John Thomas Schroeder '81 and Mary Margaret Lezamiz '82
Edmund O., III and Beatriz Schweitzer
Terrence J. '65 and Kathy Anne '72 Scofield
Joseph Anthony '78 '84 and Kathryn H. Scorcio
Steven Lynn Scott '83
Douglas A. '63 '67 and Barbara G. Scoville
Mark A. Seeley
Douglas B. '58 and Ella M. '68 Seely
William H. Shane '59 '62 '64
Rose Marie Sharp
Twyla M. Shear '47
Anthony P. '70 '76 and Mary E. Shepard
Donald W. '71 and Carol J. Shepherd
Jonathan Wesley '01 and Emily Anne '03 Shepherd
Marjorie H. Sherman '71
Joseph Patrick '79 and Julie A. Shirts
Michael Frank Siddoway
Rebekah Simmet
Martin J. and E. Diane Simmonsen
James Walter Sinclair '78 and Kristin M Hoff Sinclair
Sanjay Ram '01 and Sonal S. '04 Sisodiya
Ansbert G. Skina † '35 HON '74
Neal '51 and Joyce Smiley
Calvin S. Smith '68
Nepier V. Smith '58 and Joan Affleck-Smith
Robert William and Tilly Smith
Ronald E. Smith '91 and N. Sue Hasbrouck '87 '87 '90
Melinda L. '82 '82 '82 and Skip A. Smyser
Wayne C. Solomon '55 and Janet S. Reis
Philip B. Soulen '53
Robert M. '93 '94 and Sandra D. Spear
Craig L. '71 and Jane Eidemiller '96 Spencer
Jess Talisman '89 '89 and Bonny Kathleen '89 Spencer
Bruce Douglas Stark
Janice M. Stark '57
Susan Paider '93 '93 '99 and Larry Stauffer
James A., Sr. '56 and Janet Steele
Robert N. Steele '63
James Steffel
Herman F. '50 '52 and Doris J. Steger
Joseph Harry '01 and Deborah M. Stegner
John Michael '81 '84 and Donna L. Stellmon
William Stellmon '71 and Rosalyn M. Hall
Laurie Ann Stewart '00 '00 '05 and Bhushan Taravade
Raymond A., Jr. '64 and Julia L. '64 Stewart
Melinda '87 and George D. Stockton
Eric Paul Stoddard '82 '82
Jeffry Leon '75 '76 and Kristine A. Stoddard
Ryne Chris '04 '90 and Anna Stoker
Sharon K. Stoll
Larry J. Story '72
Bruce W. '71 and Patricia A. '72 Stratton
Denice and Ted F. Strohmaier
Shirley Longeteig Strom † '52
Gary E. '66 and Carolyn Strong
Nathan Scott '97 '97 and Kristin J. '98 Strong
Mary E. Stunz '61
Carmen A. Suarez
Joan E. Sullivan '65
Patrick J. '73 and Cathleen Sullivan
Kathryn Ann Supko '75
Albert H. Suttmann
William Jack '83 and Catherine Hale '83 Swanson
Jack C., II '61 and Nancy L. '62 Swearengen
Kathryn B. Swenson '59
Bob R. Taber '71
Gregory Arthur Tatham
Ann L. Taylor '63
Paul A. Taylor '71 and Carol N. Marlowe †
Matt E. '72 and Karen G. '71 Telin
James E. '59 and Doreen A. Terrill
Richard E. Thatcher
Ellen Sonya Thiem
David George Thiessen '73 '81 '82
Wayne L. '62 '65 and Peggy J. '65 Thiessen
Krista Dawn Thiry '00 '97
Frank J. '52 and Carol J. Thomas
Mary Patricia '86 and Roger William Thompson
Michael G. and Jill Thorne
Mark D. '87 and Heidi I. Tidd
Bryan Lee '87 and Kathryn Ann '87 Timm
Terry A. and Janice L. Todd
Susan J. Townsend-Kaus '88 and Andrew Donald Kaus
David M. '64 and Suzanna G. Trail
Rhonda Tranter
Betty Lea Trout '50
Andrew Leslie and Judith A. Turner
Raymond G. '69 and Bonnie K. Turner
Marie T. '87 and Robert B., Jr. Tyler
Jeffery Cecil Uhling '82
Dennis K. '70 and Debra L. Ujiiye
Jeffery Michial Uptmor '86 '86 and Teresa Van Engelen-Uptmor
John Vallega †
Bess L. Vance '55
George J. '53 and Charlotte A. '53 Vehrs
David and Cathy Venlos
Donald G. and Serena K. Verlin
Phyllis J. '72 '78 and Dean L. Vettrus
Lee Alexander and Kerri T Vierling
Jamie Lynn Wagner '94 '94
J. LaMonte Walker
John W. Walker '70 '73
Joseph W. '72 and Carol Lynn Walker
W. Rand Walker and Keri Noel Sullivan-Walker
John L. Wallace '78 '78 and Carol A. Sweeney
Gregory C Walters
Ronald L. Walters '70
Garry R. '71 and Linda I. '01 '71 Webb
Orrin F. Webb † '40
L. Dean Welch '50
Nancy Vandenburg '75 and Barlow M. II Westcott
Dennis E. '66 '67 and Jacqueline R. Wheeler
James E. '70 '73 and Kathryn A. '73 Whistler
Larry Joseph '86 '88 and Katherine J. '91 White
Marie H. Whitesel † HON '02 '38
Maurice V. and Suzanne J. Wiese
Ray Alvin Wiese
Claud Richard '65 and Diana Lynn Wilhite
Larry D. and Marianne Williams
David E. '72 '76 and Susan B. '72 Wishney
Richard L. '71 and Dawn M. '72 Wittman
Gaylen H., II and Mary Margaret Wood
Mary Lee Wood
Parker G. '61 '63 '66 and Myrna K. '62 Woodall
David Loren Woodard '79
Linda M. '62 and Joseph C. Woodford
Donald E. '59 '62 and Barbara J. Woodward
Boyd '67 and Daisy † Yee
Mary V. York '94
Robert C. Youngstrom '57 '61
John R. '61 and Helen K. Yuditsky
Robert J. '81 and Mary Kay '82 Yuditsky
Alice Zaring † '39
Christopher Michael '92 and Janine Zenner
Russell H. '68 and Kathy A. Zenner
Evelyn Zimmer

† Deceased

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations
Absorbent Technologies, Inc.
Acadian Seaplants Limited
Ada County Chapter Vandal Boosters
Advantage Advertising, Inc.
AgraQuest, Inc.
Agri Beef Management
AgriGenetics dba Mycogen Seeds
Agrinos, Inc.
J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, Inc.
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Amalgamated Sugar Company
Ambassador Auto Services
American Chemical Society
American Indian Education Foundation
American International Group, Inc.
AMVAC Chemical Corporation
Ansbert G. Skina and Evelyn C. Skina Trust
Aquatic Life Sciences
Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation
Ashton Hi-Tech Seed Company, Inc.
ATK Commercial Products CCI/Speer
Avista Corporation
BASF Corporation
Basic American Foods
Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC
Bayer CropScience, LP
Becker-Underwood, Inc.
Bennett Industries, Inc.
Bennett Lumber Products, Inc.
Bessemer National Gift Fund
Bevis, Thiry & Schindele, PA
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bio Huma Netics, Inc.
Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim
The Boeing Company
Bonner and Boundary Counties Fund at INCF
BP Corporation North America, Inc.
Buck Knives, Inc.
Bundy and Jobe, LLC
Canyon County 4-H Council
Cargill, Inc.
Certis USA
Cheminova, Inc.
Chemtura USA Corporation
Chevron Corporation
CHS Foundation
CJSD Holdings, Inc.
Clearwater Economic Development Assoc.
Clermont Foundation
The Clorox Company
Coeur d'Alene Athletic Round Table
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Commercial Tire
ConAgra Foods Feeding Children Better Foundation
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Cooper & Larsen, Chartered
Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation
Covidien, Inc.
Creason Moore Dokken & Geidl, PLLC
Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.
Henry L. Day No. 2 Fund at Inland NW Community Foundation
Decagon Devices, Inc.
Deloitte Foundation
Dennis Conley, LLC
The DeVlieg Foundation
Dow AgroSciences, LLC
E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company, Inc.
Walter & Leona Dufresne Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
East Central ID Planning & Development Association
Edison International
Egyptian Defense Office
Erstad Architects
Evergreen Business Capital
Exacto, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
FMC Corporation
Fourth District Bar Association
Fredback Capital, Inc.
Frito-Lay, Inc.
Frontier Communications Corporation
Future iQ Partners
Murray L. and Margaret C. Garson Foundation
General Atomics
Glendimer, Inc.
Google, Inc.
Gowan Company, LLC
Gran Del Petroleum Products, Inc.
Greg Kimberling Insurance Agency, Inc.
Hall Farley Oberrecht & Blanton, PA
The Halliday Foundation, Inc.
Carl M. Hansen Foundation
Hecla Mining Company
H. J. Heinz Company
Hewlett-Packard Company
Holden Kidwell Hahn & Crapo, PLLC
Holland & Hart, LLP
Hop Research Council
IBM International Foundation
Idaho Academy of Family Physicians, Inc.
Idaho Ad Club Memorial Scholarship Fund
Idaho Agricultural Credit Association
Idaho Apple Commission
Idaho Barley Commission
Idaho Bean Commission
Idaho Beef Council
Idaho Book & School Supply
Idaho Community Foundation, Inc.
Idaho Dairymen's Association, Inc.
Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association
Idaho Education Access Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Idaho Forest Group
Idaho Forest Products Commission
Idaho Hop Growers Commission
Idaho Independent Bank
Idaho Medical Association
Idaho Mint Commission
Idaho Oilseed Commission
Idaho Onion Growers Association
Idaho Potato Commission
Idaho Power Company
Idaho Power Foundation, Inc.
Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission
Idaho State Bar / Sections
Idaho Sugarbeet Industry
Idaho Transtech, Inc.
Idaho Wheat Commission
II-VI Foundation
Industrial Construction, Inc.
Intermountain Section Institute of Food Technology
International Research & Exchanges Board
J. A. Wedum Foundation
Jeff Sanders Promotions, Inc.
Johnson News Agency, Inc.
J-U-B Engineers, Inc.
Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Theta Educational Foundation Inc.
Klaue Family Foundation
Kootenai County 4-H Program
Kootenai County Vandal Boosters
Kootenai Valley Farm & Research, LLC
Krahn's Home Furnishings
L & M Williams Family Foundation
Land O'Lakes, Inc.
Latah County Title Company, Inc.
Latah County Vandal Boosters
Legacy 22, LLC
Lehigh Agri & Bio Services, Inc.
Lennard Chin Family, LLC
Lewis & Jeanette Hower Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
The Lightfoot Foundation
Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LLC
Litehouse, Inc.
Loveland Products, Inc.
Magic Valley Vandal Boosters
Maple Stone Cap Advisors, LLC
McCain Foods USA
Meyer Family Gift Fund in the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Minitube of America
Mint Industry Research Council
Mona Noble Education Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Monsanto Company
Moss Adams Foundation
Multimin USA, Inc.
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Nampa Chamber of Commerce
Nashua Homes of Idaho, Inc.
National 4-H Council
National Geographic Society
The National Potato Board
National Potato Council
National Writing Project
The Nature Conservancy of Idaho
New Buildings Institute, Inc.
Nez Perce Tribe
Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Northwest Services, Inc.
Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Payette County 4-H Leaders
Pepsico, Inc.
Perc H. Shelton & Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised Fund
Pfizer Animal Health Group
Pfizer, Inc.
Pioneer Enterprises
Plum Creek Timber Company, L.P.
Potlatch Corporation
POWER Engineers, Inc.
Presnell Gage Accounting and Consulting
The Presser Foundation
The Procter & Gamble Company
ProTeam, Inc.
R & G Potato Company, Inc.
Race to Robie Creek
Raeburn & Associates
Ripley Doorn & Company, PLLC
Roady's Truck Stops
Robert & Maxine McAuley Charitable Trust
Robert T. Nahas Educational Scholarship Foundation
Robert Youngstrom Fund in the Schwab Charitable Fund
Rowley Charitable Gift Fund
Safari Club International - Inland Empire Chapter
Safari Club International Foundation
The Schwab Charitable Fund
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Select Sires, Inc.
Simons Foundation
J. R. Simplot Company
Snake River Sugarbeet Research & Seed Alliance, LLC
Specialty Fertilizer Products, LLC
Sprenger Construction, Inc.
State of Idaho Supreme Court
Steven Leuthold Family Foundation
Stinker Stores, Inc.
Stoddard Property Investments
Stoel Rives, LLP
Student Loan Fund of Idaho Education Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
Talisman Construction Services, Inc.
Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.
The Frank and Carol Thomas Charitable Fund
TitleOne Corporation
Trident Agriculture
United Dairymen of Idaho
United Way of Central Ohio
University Inn Joint Venture
University of Idaho Alumni Association of Southeast Idaho
USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council, Inc.
Valent Biosciences Corporation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Virtus Nutrition, LLC
Vista Higher Learning
Wagstaff, Inc.
The Waltham Foundation
Washington-North Idaho Seed Association
The Washington Post Company
Washington State Dairy Products Commission
Washington State Potato Comm
Washington State University
Washington Trust Bank
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Western Ada County Chapter Vandal Scholarship Fund
Whittenberger Foundation
Wilbur-Ellis Company
Winfield Solutions, LLC
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Wurts & Associates, Inc.
Zoetis, Inc.