President's Circle Leadership Award

Special recognition is given to President’s Circle members with annual gifts and/or pledges of $25,000 and more in fiscal year 2013. Names in italic denote University of Idaho faculty, staff and retirees.

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Richard W. '73 and Sharon L. HON '04 '73 Allen
Daniel L. '72 and Anne V. '73 Alsaker
Clen P. '66 and Emma L. '68 Atchley
Lynn Norris '80 '10 and Dennis W. Baird
Adele and Curtis † HON '77 Berklund
Clara R. Bleak '46
Karen Trujillo '09 and Donald L., Jr. Burnett
Nancy Johnston '69 and George G. Byers
Dana Curtis '80 and Lynn S. Covey
Robert G. '57 and Janice Hale '57 Cowan
Richard J. '73 and Barbara K. '73 Dahl
David G. '71 and Deborah K. Decker
Robert D. Dixon '70 '71
Winifred P. Dixon '65
Carl F. '68 and Kirby A. '68 Dyess
Roy Lewis '74 '78 and Miren Eguzkine Eiguren
Matthew James '80 and Lori Susan '81 Espe
Michael Nicholas '88 and Patricia Ann '87 '87 Fery
Marilyn J. '62 and Carter M. French
Fred R. Gleave †
Kimbal L. '81 '84 and Karen Elaine '81 '84 Gowland
C. Scott '85 and Gabriella M. Green
Jess L. '74 and Kathleen Hall
Eileen P. '72 and Norbert Hartmann
Eric Hatzenbiler
Melva Hoffman †
Carl W. and Martha K. Hunt
Joy D. Irving '64
J. Robert '50 '82 and Bonnie J. † Jackson
Susan Teresa '77 '77 '84 and E. Dee Jameson
Myron E. Johnston, Jr. '52
Bill J. Kearns '81
Martha P. Klontz †
Lawrence L. '56 and Kaye A. '55 Knight
Bryant W., Sr. '58 and Peggy M. Lemon
Earl Burton Lillevig † '58
Lawrence M. Lineberger † '38
Richard Norman Loeppky † '59
Eugene Magleby †
Clinton J. '97 and Kimberley Dawn '97 Marshall
Kenneth B. and Dorene D. Marshall
Lynne D. McCreight
Dayaldas T. Meshri '68
Gary G. '62 HON '03 and Meryle Kay '63 Michael
V. Kay Misterek
Christine Marie Moffitt
John P. '67 '73 '89 and Martha G. '67 Mundt

Joyce H. Munson '42
Bryan Scott '79 and Susan L. Norby
John G. '01 and Donna Paffendorf
David A. '70 and Mary Alice '69 Poe
J. Karen Pyrah † '67
Thomas L. '59 and Teita Reveley
Michael D. Roach '75
James A. '70 and Shelly Diane Robson
Editha W. Rowell '52
Joseph N. '52 '52 and Susan Rumble
Donald Bruce '78 and Ann K. Schaechtel
Janet Lee Schaumburg '77
William H. Shane '59 '62 '64
Martin J. and E. Diane Simmonsen
Philip B. Soulen '53
Craig L. '71 and Jane Eidemiller '96 Spencer
Eric Paul Stoddard '82 '82
Jeffry Leon '75 '76 and Kristine A. Stoddard
Albert H. Suttmann
David George Thiessen '73 '81 '82
Wayne L. '62 '65 and Peggy J. '65 Thiessen
Raymond G. '69 and Bonnie K. Turner
Orrin F. Webb † '40
L. Dean Welch '50
Claud Richard '65 and Diana Lynn Wilhite
Larry D. and Marianne Williams
Robert C. Youngstrom '57 '61
John R. '61 and Helen K. Yuditsky
Alice Zaring † '39

† Deceased

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations

Ada County Chapter Vandal Boosters
J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, Inc.
BASF Corporation
Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC
Bayer CropScience, LP
Bennett Industries, Inc.
Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc.
The Boeing Company
CHS Foundation
Coeur Mining, Inc.
Commercial Tire
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.
The DeVlieg Foundation
Dow AgroSciences, LLC
E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company, Inc.
Edison International
ExxonMobil Foundation
FMC Corporation
Frito-Lay, Inc.
General Atomics
Google, Inc.
Idaho Ad Club Memorial Scholarship Fund
Idaho Barley Commission
Idaho Beef Council
Idaho Dairymen's Association, Inc.
Idaho Hop Growers Commission
Idaho Oilseed Commission
Idaho Potato Commission
Idaho Power Company
Idaho Sugarbeet Industry
Idaho Wheat Commission
II-VI Foundation
J. A. Wedum Foundation
Kootenai County Vandal Boosters
Land O'Lakes, Inc.
Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LLC
Litehouse, Inc.
Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.
Minitube of America
Mint Industry Research Council
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
National 4-H Council
National Geographic Society
National Potato Council
Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Potlatch Corporation
POWER Engineers, Inc.
The Procter & Gamble Company
Simons Foundation
J. R. Simplot Company
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
TitleOne Corporation
United Dairymen of Idaho
University Inn - Best Western
Wells Fargo Foundation
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution