Website Redesign

University Redesign Information

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  • Learn About the Benefits of U-Idaho's Web Redesign
    • Navigation between various websites has been greatly simplified, particularly for visitors who are less familiar with the University's websites.
    • Visitors are able to indicate what type of audience they are, allowing for their Web experience to be tailored to them.
    • Greater emphasis has been placed on messaging, imagery, and multimedia to better showcase the quality programs and services the University offers.
    • Visitors can easily create shortcuts for web pages that they use frequently; shortcuts are available to visitors throughout the website.
    • Pages have been optimized so that they can more easily be found when searching with Google or via the main university search.
    • New objects are more robust, creating a more contemporary experience that is customary for a leading University.
    • New location objects make it clearer that the University of Idaho is a statewide institution with many facilities to serve students and the community.
    • The new website will be easier for web coordinators and web authors to maintain, saving valuable time.
  • Review Information Specific to U-Idaho Faculty and Staff
    1. What to do. We all have plenty to do, so we're not asking you to do anything. Okay, that's not entirely true, we may ask you to glance through your pages to make sure nothing is too out of order. The campus web coordinators and ITS developers have done the heavy lifting by reviewing to ensure old pages transfer to the new design.
    2. What's happening with all of the really old pages? We only have influence over some of the 60,000+ pages that exist on University of Idaho domains ( We've removed tens of thousands of pages in the past year, but most remaining pages need to be updated or relinquished by their authors. A few areas still have old Websites that we are migrating. Some of our top priorities at this time are: UI Extension, Campus Recreation Center, Independent Study, FSH/APM and other administrative pages.
  • What to Expect During the Redesign
    1. We've moved things around, so it may take a little time to get used to the new arrangement. The new navigation follows a more logical structure, particularly for people who are new to our website. If you get stuck, try searching...we're pretty confident you'll easily find what you need.
    2. Change, change, change. We will be making minor adjustments to websites throughout February until we get things just right. Visitor feedback and web analytics help us determine what decisions were right and those that missed the mark by a few degrees.
    3. This widespread change is immediate. We are changing almost all current pages at one time (15,000 of the 18,000 that exist). The remnants will quickly follow as they require a little special attention.