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Photographic Services | Planning a Session

Following best practices when planning a photo session will help us capture the best images for your communication. Pre-planning takes little time and makes the photo shoot more productive and successful.

Stock/Marketing Photography


The ideal times for outdoor photos are generally prior to 10am and late afternoon for capturing images in outdoor light. Allow approximately 20 to 40 minutes per shot/scene. 


Indoor shoots can be done anytime. The average indoor shoot takes about one hour for setup and shooting. Larger or more complex locations may take longer. Scheduling ample time for both photographers and models/subjects will result in better images.

Clothing Suggestions

If you are in a more candid or casual on-location photo session, select clothing that you would typically wear in that venue. Students should bring books, notebooks, book bags, sports gear, and/or musical instruments with them. Items and clothing that are appropriate to the location of the photo are what we are looking for. Vandal gear or clothing featuring the University of Idaho is encouraged, but not required. Avoid clothing with names or endorsements for outside businesses or other institutions.

Studio Portraits

For formal portraits, consider wearing a suit or professional attire. Avoid bright white or black as it does not photograph as well as other colors. Bright colors are fine. Avoid clothing with names or endorsements for outside businesses or other institutions. University of Idaho gear is fine. Some departments have a particular color for their background and we will need that information when scheduling.

Our studio will be set up for portraits every month, at alternating times, as listed below.
Please email photo@uidaho.edu to let us know what time you or your group will be coming, in advance.
Our studio is in the GAS House (Graduate Art Studio) at 670 Nez Perce Dr., south of the Niccolls Building (the nearest Gold parking lot is #42).

1st Monday
9 - 10 am 
2nd Tuesday
2 - 3 pm
3rd Wednesday 10 - 11 am
4th Thursday 3 - 4 pm