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University Logos

The use of the University of Idaho wordmark and graphics on all communications helps ensure visual consistency of our brand. Links to downloadable logos are provided on this page. The logos and graphics should not be altered

The logos and graphics are registered trademarks and should not be altered.

Logo White Space

White space around logos should be equal to or greater than the "U" in the mark.

Logo Color Usage

The university wordmark and official seal must not be reproduced in a tertiary or any other color. The logo's color is ONLY acceptable in four formats:

  1. Gold
  2. Black, Night or Granite
  3. Silver or Gray
  4.  White  (on Gold, Silver, Black, Night, Granite or Photography)

University Wordmark

University of Idaho transparent gold logo png

University of Idaho transparent silver logo png

University of Idaho transparent black logo png

University of Idaho transparent white logo png

Official Seal

The university seal is the official mark for the University. The seal is to be used on formal publications, awards and certificates to denote official university documents. It should not be used on general university publications in place of the university logo.

University of Idaho official seal gold
University of Idaho official seal black
University of Idaho official seal silver

University Wordmark Stacked

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display image
display image

Vandal Athletic Logo

UI Vandals Athletic Logo

The Idaho Vandals logo is for use by the athletic department and university-sanctioned sports and spirit organizations. The athletic logos should never be used in place of the University of Idaho’s primary wordmark. The mark should never be used to promote the university’s brand as an academic institution directly, but it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as Homecoming, Athletic Web site, Merchandise, VSF Materials, Banners, etc.

For use of the Vandal athletic mark, please contact the Director of Trademark and Licensing: Sue Smalley

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The Idaho “I”

The Idaho “I” is a standalone graphic which can be used in University communications. It should not be combined with the University wordmark. The shape of the “I” should not be altered.

Idaho I, solid gold png
Idaho I, ouline gold png
Idaho I, 2 color png
Idaho I, white png

Unique Logos and Graphics

Unique logos or graphics for specific academic programs, colleges or university affiliated entities are not permitted under University brand guidelines.

Several exceptions exist based on the following criteria:

  • The entity has a direct affiliation with a national/international organization.
    (example: 4H)
  • There is a retail, external revenue source for funding for the organization.
    (example: VandalStore, golf course)
  • The source of the majority of funding for the organization is from outside the University of Idaho.
    (e.g. NIATT)
  • The organization is a separate 501.C3 organization.
  • The graphic is associated with a signature event of the University.
    (e.g. Jazz Festival, Bellwood, McClure)
  • The entity is an officially-recognized ASUI student club or organization.

Even with these exceptions, it is important to show the connection to the University of Idaho through the creative approach when possible.