Color Usage

The proper use of our color palette is essential to maintain a viable brand. Consult the university’s marketing, publications, printing and web specialists for professional assistance when selecting colors for communications.

Primary Colors

SILVER and GOLD are the official colors of the University of Idaho.

One of the official colors must be the dominant, non-photographic color on page or spread.  The tertiary color palette may be used in a more limited fashion and should not be used without elements of the official colors.

The university logo must not be reproduced in a tertiary or any other color. The logo's color is ONLY acceptable in four formats:

  1. Gold (PMS 874c)
  2. Black
  3. Silver or Gray
  4.  White  (reversed on Gold, Black, Silver/Gray or a Photo)

Tertiary Colors

Color UsageThe tertiary and accent colors are designed to be a support palette.

  1. Use sparingly: Expansive use of tertiary colors can overwhelm the university’s brand. Accent colors should not exceed more than 10-20 percent of the product's visual weight.
  2. Use as an accent: Tertiary colors work well as subheads, bars, dividers, etc.
  3. Combine wisely: Combine primary and tertiary colors wisely as certain pairings may draw an association with competitors or look poorly. Additionally, yellow should not be substituted for the approved gold color.

Color Codes

 Pantone™  c m y k  hex
Gold 874 0c 23m 53y 35k b18e5f
Silver 877 0c 0y 0m 50k 9f9d9d
Moss 8501 35c 0m 15y 55k 57797b
Stone 8182 80c 60m 25y 10k 436188
Plum 8801 35c 45m 0y 50k 635476
Copper 8023 25c 70m 75y 10k b06048
Berry 8820 40c 80m 40y 15k 8f4966